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Stockport election results 1945-1973

by Lib Dem team on 2 September, 2013

Back in 2010 I posted the results of all the local elections for Stockport Borough from 1974 onwards (if you google “Stockport Election Results” followed by the year, you can find them). Now for real gluttons for punishment, and thanks to my friend John Swarbrick, I have all the results for Stockport from 1945-73. Note […]

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In the 1955 General Election, Labour got more than 49% of the vote in Eastleigh. They lost. In yesterday’s by-election, Labour secured just 9.82%. If you exclude 2010, you have to go back to 1987 to see the last time Labour even failed to top 20% in an Eastleigh poll. Yesterday’s vote was Labour’s second […]

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1974 election literature: firmness for fairness

by Lib Dem team on 31 December, 2010

This Conservative leaflet is from the February 1974 election, where 27 year old Tom Arnold failed to defeat the Liberal Michael Winstanley in Hazel Grove. Arnold had more success in the October General Election, becoming one of the youngest MPs in the Commons and  holding Hazel Grove until 1997. The leaflet is good quality, though […]

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1974 election literature: what do you expect from your MP?

by Lib Dem team on 27 December, 2010

This Conservative leaflet from the February 1974 General election in Cheadle constituency would hardly look out of place today.   It’s a good quality glossy leaflet stressing the local credentials of the sitting MP: he lives in the constituency, comes home every weekend and deals with thousands of pieces of casework. Normanton first won the seat […]

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1974 election literature: a Liberal in the cabinet?

by Lib Dem team on 24 December, 2010

This newspaper was put out by the Liberals in the October 1974 General Election, where Michael Winstanley, who’d won in February, was defeated by the Conservative Tom Arnold in Hazel Grove. Arnold would hold the seat until replaced by Lib Dem Andrew Stunell in 1997. It’s interesting that the paper openly discusses the possibilities of […]

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1974 election literature: which twin is the Tory?

by Lib Dem team on 19 December, 2010

There’s little new in the world.  Although the Liberals would be supporting the Labour government just a few years later, Labour in Cheadle were keen to portray the Liberals and Conservatives as one and the same in the February 1974 election. In this leaflet from the Hazel Grove constituency, Manchester councillor Allan Roberts lays out […]

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In 1974 there were two General Elections.  This is a Conservative leaflet from the first of those – Feb 1974.  It went out in the Hazel Grove constituency – which was marginal between the Liberals and Conservatives at that time (the Liberals won in the February election, the Conservatives took the seat in the October […]

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Greater Manchester Council elections 1973 – 1985

by Lib Dem team on 14 November, 2010

Most people remember the Greater London Council (GLC), abolished by Maggie Thatcher back in the 1980s.  Greater Manchester had one too.  When it was abolished in 1985, the ten local authorities in the area started working together. Today we have AGMA – the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities.  And, in almost a full circle, we’re […]

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Stockport election results roundup 1973 – 2010

by Lib Dem team on 7 November, 2010

Over the last few months I’ve been publishing the local election results for Stockport from the first ever election to the new metropolitan authority in 1973 up to 2004. Stockport Borough has 63 seats, 3 in each of the 21 wards.  In a normal four year cycle, one seat in each ward is up for […]

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Stockport election results 2004

by Lib Dem team on 31 October, 2010

2004 is the last in my series of election results from 1973 onwards. Following significant boundary changes, all 63 Stockport council seats were up for grabs. 10/06/04                   2004         Stockport                   Bramhall North     […]

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