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Making Church Road in Gatley one-way is an idea that’ been floating around for a few years and we’ve been asking council officers to take another look at it, following concerns raised by residents about safety at the Horse & Farrier junction. Although the Police have only recorded one accident at the junction in the […]

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Keep track of Stockport roadworks online

by Lib Dem team on 14 January, 2016

There’s a lot going on in Stockport over the next few months. In addition to the usual Utility works that pop up all over the place, there are big improvements as part of the Investing in Stockport programme. While every effort is being made to minimise the disruption, there are some cases where there will […]

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Road issues across Cheadle and Gatley

by Lib Dem team on 7 January, 2016

The Lib Dem team work on a lot of issues, and this week we had a meeting with the council’s transportation team on a number of issues that people have raised with us. Parking on Milton Crescent. We’ve asked the council to look at where yellow lines could help make sure that traffic can get […]

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Cheshire East leader faces Police investigation

by Lib Dem team on 3 January, 2016

One of the biggest issues facing our area in the next few years is how we will cope with the additional traffic from the 4,000+ homes that Cheshire East Council plan to build near the Stockport border – many of them around Handforth Dean. We have been asking Cheshire East to work with us and […]

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Going the wrong way up Gatley Green? Really?

by Lib Dem team on 22 December, 2015

We’ve had reports of several drivers going the wrong way up the one-way section of Gatley Green. Apparently they “didn’t see the signs.” Here’s what they “missed”. We think there are two possibilities. Either these people are simply lying and chose to drive the wrong way up a one-way street. Or they have such poor […]

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Parking issues on Milton Crescent

by Lib Dem team on 15 December, 2015

Keith is asking residents of Milton Crescent for their views on putting yellow lines along sections of the road that are getting heavily parked up. Milton is fairly close to Cheadle village centre and gets people who work nearby parking all day. Residents have told us they don’t mind some parking, but want to be […]

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Yellow lines for South Park Road bend

by Lib Dem team on 15 December, 2015

Following requests from residents, Keith and the Lib Dem team are consulting to see if there should be yellow lines on the bend on South Park Road (either one side or both) to stop cars parking on the narrow section. Let us know your view.

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Good news on South Park Road junction

by Lib Dem team on 11 November, 2015

The Lib Dem team have long been working on what you would think would be an easy problem but has turned out to be anything but – keeping the grass cut at the junction of South Park Road with the M60 slip road so cars can get safely in and out with good sight lines. […]

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Lib Dem action – overgrowing branches on Old Hall Road

by Lib Dem team on 28 October, 2015

After a complaint from residents of Willow Court, the Lib Dem team have got the council to cut back vegetation that was growing out from the old cemetery over the pavement at the bottom of Old Hall Road. Some people were being pushed into the road, so worth getting sorted!

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Kingsway study delayed after MP fails to act

by Lib Dem team on 28 October, 2015

Councillor Keith Holloway has criticised Cheadle’s Conservative MP for allowing Highways England to delay an important study into improving the Kingsway junction. Earlier this year, our former MP Mark Hunter fought hard to get action on the Kingsway junction. He held public meetings and secured a commitment from Highways England to conduct a study over the summer. […]

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