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A key part of the new cycle route – to allow quiet and off-road cycling from Gatley to Cheadle, Stockport and into Manchester – is being put in shortly after negotiations were completed with the landowners. Here is the information the Council is sending out.

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Cllr Iain Roberts has spoken out against Tory cuts of £23 million to the Cycle City Ambition Grant. In places like Gatley and Cheadle, where there’s little space for more roads or wider roads, how do we reduce traffic jams and parking problems? There are a few good options, but by far the cheapest and […]

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We reported a few months ago of funding to improve cycle access in Gatley through the Government’s Cycle City Ambition Grant for Greater Manchester. The project aims to boost cycling to and from Gatley Station and also through to Cheadle, Parrs Wood and Stockport. The Lib Dem team were keen to make sure the benefits […]

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Kingsway School submit cycle hub planning application

by Lib Dem team on 29 April, 2015

Kingsway School have submitted a planning application 58392 for a new central cycle hub on the Broadway campus, to be funded from the Cycle Ambition Grant being used to improve facilities across Greater Manchester.    

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Cycle parking grants of up to £10,000 on offer

by Lib Dem team on 25 August, 2014

In line with the wider investment into cycling, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) are offering grants to Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) in the Greater Manchester area to help landlords either improve cycle facilities or build new ones. Up to 100% of the costs of installing new or improved cycle parking facilities can be applied for, […]

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Stockport Cycle Hub is open for business

by Lib Dem team on 19 June, 2014

When I was working on the new multi-storey car park by Stockport Station, I looked at cycle provision. Not something you usually see in NCP car parks, but I knew high quality, secure cycle parking was something we needed more of in Stockport and saw the opportunity. Working with local cycling groups who had much […]

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Great photos of Cheadle’s new BMX track

by Lib Dem team on 25 March, 2014

Our new Bruntwood Park BMX track opens on 5th April and there’s already a BMX Club set up to join if you want to get involved – or you can just come along on the day and have a ride round.

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New bike shop to open in Gatley

by Lib Dem team on 27 February, 2014

A new bike shop, Bikehaus, will open on Stonepail Road, Gatley in April if all goes to plan for cyclist owner Andy Hilton. Andy’s come on the Gatley Facebook page to tell everyone about his plans and he’s set up a Bikehaus Facebook page here. We wish Andy every success with Bikehaus. Not only is […]

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Cycle route extending along Manchester Road

by Lib Dem team on 20 January, 2014

As we get more and more traffic on our roads, we know that the best solution we have is to get at least some people out of their cars and onto bikes, foot, buses, trains and trams. We can’t just build more roads – there’s no space (the A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road is […]

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Trixi mirrors for Kingsway lights

by Lib Dem team on 21 December, 2013

Cycle Safety Mirrors (also called Trixi mirrors) have been installed at the Kingsway/Gatley Road junction, and are being put in at 50 junctions across Greater Manchester – funding by the Department for Transport. The mirrors help drivers of large vehicles like lorries or buses see cycles alongside them.  Those sorts of vehicles have a very […]

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