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Lib Dems get substation cleaned up

by Lib Dem team on 22 June, 2015

Electricity Northwest have cleaned the graffiti off their electricity substation on Gatley station car park after the Lib Dem team contacted them about the issue. “Cheadle and Gatley have far less graffiti than many nearby places, and that’s in part because we always report it and get it cleaned off.” Cllr Keith Holloway said. If […]

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Graffiti and broken manhole covers

by Lib Dem team on 11 July, 2014

We’ve reported a few issues to the Council this week to be sorted. They include graffiti on a Virgin Media green comms box at the junction of Foxland Road and Delamere Road and a damaged manhole cover at the junction of Clifton Drive and Altrincham Road. The graffiti on the Virgin Media box will be […]

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Getting graffiti cleared from underpasses

by Lib Dem team on 22 April, 2014

The Lib Dem team have been cracking down on graffiti – and people often mention to us how there’s a lot less around in Cheadle and Gatley than a few years ago. Reporting it and getting it cleaned off does work. This week we’ve asked for two tricky areas to be painted over: the underpasses […]

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Graffiti reported on Foxland Road railway bridge

by Lib Dem team on 16 April, 2014

We’ve had quite a few people comment that there’s less graffiti in Cheadle & Gatley recently. Not none, but less and it’s a lot better than many other areas (over the border in Sharston, for example!). We’ve followed a deliberate zero-tolerance policy for graffiti – if we see it, we report it. Where the graffiti’s […]

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Gatley graffiti reported

by Lib Dem team on 30 April, 2013

We’ve reported a few pieces of graffiti to be painted out: – Graffiti on the green comms box on Altrincham Road between Lorna Grove and Carlton Drive – Graffiti and paint on the skateboard ramps in Gatley Recreation Ground (brought to our attention by a local resident via the Gatley Facebook group) – Graffiti on […]

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Winning the war on graffiti

by Lib Dem team on 19 February, 2013

A few years ago, you could go around Cheadle and Gatley – or any other area – and find numerous examples of graffiti on walls, signs, bollards, telecoms boxes – it was all over the place. The Lib Dem team decided to go for a zero-tolerance approach. We went around the area searching for graffiti, […]

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Graffiti reported in Cheadle and Gatley

by Lib Dem team on 1 June, 2011

We’ve reported a few pieces of graffiti around Gatley for cleaning up: The skateboard park on Gatley Rec The green comms box outside 9 Halstead Grove, Gatley The underpasses at the Cheadle Royal roundabout near Bruntwood Park.

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Gatley graffiti reported

by Lib Dem team on 5 April, 2011

Pam and I have reported a few pieces of graffiti on the Sharston side of Gatley, including graffiti on green comms boxes on Clifton Drive, Dingle Grove, at the corner of Longley Lane and Altrincham Road and on the Council rubbish bin at the bus stop outside 73 Altrincham Road. If you see graffiti around […]

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Graffiti reported on Gatley Rec and Daylesford Crescent

by Lib Dem team on 31 October, 2010

I’ve reported graffiti on Gatley Rec Ground, outside the ground on the lit bollards in Northenden Road and on the green Comms box at the junction of Daylesford Road and Daylesford Crescent in Cheadle. On Gatley Rec there’s a bit of graffiti on the old toilet block, on the skateboard ramp and one of the […]

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Tackling graffiti and fly-posting

by Lib Dem team on 13 October, 2010

Our Area Conditions Officer, Julie Henshall, updated us at the Cheadle Area Committee meeting yesterday. a new Stockport Council scheme to tackle fly-posting on empty private buildings should kick in shortly. a spate of graffiti in Gatley is being tackled (please let the Council know if you spot any graffiti – email with the […]

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