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Another burst main causes problems on Foxland Road

by Lib Dem team on 11 July, 2014

Thankfully the effect seems to be much more localised than last time, with relatively few houses experiencing a loss of water or low pressure, but the latest burst water main on Foxland Road is still causing problems. A few weeks ago a burst main saw most of Gatley with no water or low pressure for […]

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UU repairs aim to stop Foxland Road water leaks

by Lib Dem team on 26 June, 2014

Residents across much of Gatley and part of Cheadle woke on Monday morning to find either no water or just a trickle. The problem was yet another burst water main on Foxland Road, Gatley – just the latest in a long line over recent months. We got on site early and saw water gushing from […]

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