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Good news for Cheadle’s George and Dragon?

by Lib Dem team on 24 August, 2010

As you may know, fly-posting has been a problem particularly on the now closed George & Dragon pub in Cheadle. Because it’s a privately owned building, it’s more complicated to get it removed. I wrote to Punch Taverns, who own the pub, asking if they would remove the fly-posting or, failing that, authorise me to […]

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An end-of-school-year spate of graffiti

by Lib Dem team on 25 July, 2010

Going around Gatley and Cheadle this morning, I spotted a few of the green comms boxes with graffiti daubed on them in white paint. I’ve reported ones on Peckforton Close, Clifton Drive and Springfield Road, which should (on past peformance) be cleaned pretty quickly. If you spot any more, please report them. Just email […]

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The next Cheadle Area Committee will be held at Ladybridge Park Residents Club, Edenbridge Road, Cheadle Hulme starting at 6pm on Tuesday 22nd June 2010.  You can download the (unusually short at only 61 pages) agenda here. As always, the meeting is not only open to the public, but we really want more people to […]

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Kingsway overhanging trees and graffiti

by Lib Dem team on 4 June, 2010

Pam and I always try to keep an eye on graffiti and other street issues around the ward – and it helps even more when people let us know about problems, so please do. This morning I reported some trees that are overhanging the section of Kingsway on the new cycle route 558 (on the […]

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Flytipping at Gatley Station and graffiti on footpath

by Lib Dem team on 14 April, 2010

I’ve reported an odd case of fly-tipping at Gatley Station. Several elderly, and heavy, bits of machinery were dumped on the path running alongside the station car park down to Gatley Road, with a further piece dumped through one of the missing fence panels on the path past Brentwood Drive (the second is onto private […]

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Graffiti reported in Gatley

by Lib Dem team on 12 April, 2010

I’ve reported more graffiti on the green Virgin Media boxes: on Barngate Road, Clifton Drive and Silverdale Road. Let me know if you spot any more – the Council can paint it out pretty quickly.

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Graffiti at the top of Schools Hill reported

by Lib Dem team on 22 February, 2010

I’ve reported graffiti on green comms boxes at both sides of Schools Hill, near Cheadle Royal. Hopefully it will be cleared off quickly.   I’m a firm believer that, whilst we can’t possibly watch over every location all the time, quickly and consistently clearing away graffiti is the best way to stop it. Let me […]

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Graffitti cleaned from Scholes Field pavillion

by Lib Dem team on 12 February, 2010

Thanks  the several people who reported the graffiti on the Scholes Field pavillion – I was pleased to hear today that it’s been cleared off.   CCTV footage is being examined to see if the culprit can be identified. I’m a firm believer that, whilst we can’t stop graffiti going up, we can discourage it […]

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Scholes field pavillion graffiti

by Lib Dem team on 3 February, 2010

Thanks to those who reported the graffiti on the Scholes Field pavillion to me – I’ve passed it onto the Council. A word of thanks to our Council Area Conditions Officers too: over the last year or so I think we’ve seen a real decline in graffiti around Cheadle & Gatley, and it comes down […]

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Gatley walkabout

by Lib Dem team on 17 December, 2009

Yesterday I went on a walkbout around Gatley (not the whole village – there’s only so much you can cover in 90 minutes!).  It was with our new Area Conditions Officer Julie Henshall and Richard Daniels, also from Environmental Services at Stockport Council – I’m grateful to both of them for coming out with me. […]

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