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Stockport Full Council reported via Twitter

by Lib Dem team on 27 November, 2009

Stockport Town HallLast night I tweeted from Full Council, to give anyone who’s interested a flavour of what was going on in the meeting.  Here are those tweets

#stockportmbc Full Council Starting shortly. Lamb curry was nice.

#stockportmbc Full Council Shouty mayoral entrance & prayer.

#stockportmbc Full Council Mayor kindly welcomes me to the council.

#stockportmbc Full Council Half the councillors seem to be declaring an interest.

#stockportmbc Full Council some confusion about questions over questions.

#stockportmbc Full Council Leader explaining English Heritage propose protected sites, not smbc, in response to public question.

#stockportmbc Full Council Powerpoint presentation from and about the mayor.

#stockportmbc Full Council Cllr John Pantall & Ian Ratcliffe outlining ‘kill the winter chill’ campaign.

#stockportmbc Full Council Cllr Pantall reminds us the late Maggie Clay founded ‘Kill the Chill’ last year.

#stockportmbc Full Council Before dvla, coucils issued car reg plates. Stockport’s were all JJA, hence mayoral plate JJA1.

#stockportmbc Full Council ‘kill the chill’ cut deaths from cold last year, now being adopted across Greater Manchester.

#stockportmbc Full Council No questions on joint authorities (fire, transport, police & waste)

#stockportmbc Full Council Leader talks about Boost campaign for more jobs.

#stockportmbc Full Council: Leader thanks all parties for sensible approach to future of BAE site in Woodford.

#stockportmbc Full Council: exec reports in flow, seems like time for some cllrs to catch up on those newspapers & magazines.

#stockportmbc Full Council: recycling bins rollout complete ahead of time & budget. Recyling now 43% but Trafford just ahead.

#stockportmbc Full Council: Cllr Candler attacks Tories across country for slash-and-burn approach to local services.

#stockportmbc Full Council: our business services team does work for other local authorities – brings in £250k, won award.

#stockportmbc Full Council: cllr porgess says Tory plans to reward people recycling would require surveillance chips in bins.

#stockportmbc Full Council: cllr bodsworth – installing chips in our bins would cost £2m if George Osborne forced us to do it.

#stockportmbc Full Council: Cllr Bodsworth 10:10 is very tough target. We might not meet it; we’ll try, & encourage others too.

#stockportmbc Full Council: Entertaining political grandstanding from lab cllr verdeille. Tories aren’t in Govt yet, apparently.

#stockportmbc Full Council: cllr foster-grime has to sit down. she’s now an exec member so can’t ask exec members questions. Shame.

#stockportmbc Full Council: Tory Cllr Syd Lloyd attacks ld’s for lack of principles. Good fun, but loosly connected to reality.

#stockportmbc Full Council: Cllr Weldon responds to Tory baiting with some baiting of his own. Two hours gone.

#stockportmbc Full Council: motion time. Cllr weldon: Govt expands nursery provision but doesn’t give enough funding.

#stockportmbc Full Council: half the tories have left the chamber – loo/fag break, I assume.

#stockportmbc Full Council: cllr maureen walsh supporting nursery motion for Tories.

#stockportmbc Full Council: lab cllr foster says lib dems trying to blame gov for council failings.

#stockportmbc Full Council: Lab Cllr Foster now on secondary schools – really not sure how this relates to the motion.

#stockportmbc Full Council: nursery motion carried 45-11. Lab voted against.

#stockportmbc Full Council: Lab cllr scott proposes free leisure provision for armed forces & their families in Stockport.

#stockportmbc Full Council: cllr bodsworth supports army leisure motion & wants govt to promote idea across country.

#stockportmbc Full Council: Con cllr jones supports motion & attacks gov record on military covenent, gurkhas, etc.

#stockportmbc Full Council: army leisure motion passed unanimously.

#stockportmbc Full Council: now considering whether we move to strong leader or mayoral leadership model. Strong leader it is.

#stockportmbc Full Council: charging through dull but worthy stuff. And we’re all done at 8.50, bar the raffle.

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