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Mayor of Stockport defects from Labour to Lib Dems

by Lib Dem team on 5 February, 2010

Councillor Colin MacAlister, the Mayor of Stockport, has joined the Liberal Democrat Group on Stockport Council.

Having begun his mayoral term of office as a Labour councillor, Colin first became Independent and has now joined the ruling Lib Dem group.

Colin’s move comes hot on the heels of Cllr Maureen Walsh leaving the Conservatives to sit as an Independent.  Maureen was the Deputy Leader of the Conservative group.

Labour remain the second largest group on Stockport Council, with the Conservatives being third (the Independent Ratepayers Association also hold three seats).


12 Responses

  1. Alan. Gent says:

    Iain there must be something behind this ; what’s going on ?

  2. iainroberts says:

    Alan – I’m sure there’s a lot behind it, but it’s not for me to say why Colin has decided to quit Labour and join the Lib Dems. I believe he’s made public statements in the press and I’m sure he’d be willing to go into more detail if asked.

  3. W Wragg says:

    How much money did the Liberal Democrats offer him?

    (In terms of committee chairmanships, outside appointments, possible executive position)

    After all, half the Liberal Democrat executive are ex-Labour (all well-rewarded it would seem).

  4. iainroberts says:

    W Wragg – that would be none.

  5. W Wragg says:

    Hmm, watch this space eh…

  6. iainroberts says:

    I guess the question that might be asked is what’s up with Labour to lose several councillors to the Lib Dems, despite nothing being offered by the Lib Dems.

    Of course, it’s easier to throw allegations around – even without a shred of evidence, some mud might stick.

  7. Fr Gerard Barry says:

    Colin McAllister joins the Liberal Democrats – has the world gone stark staring mad? Colin – “the Liberals: they are racisat where it get them votes, left wing where it gets them votes, more right-wing than the Tories where it gets them votes”. That is what you said to me in 1984. Nothing has changed.
    The lovely Anne Graham went the same way.

  8. iainroberts says:

    If Colin said something to you over a quarter of a century ago, it’s clearly not possible he’s changed his mind since!

  9. Fr Gerard Barry says:

    Oh – people change their minds. But, as the coalition with Conservatives shows, the Liberals haven’t changed their ways.

  10. Jon Morimoto says:

    Well, that was a short tenure as a FibDem!
    Did he tell the LD Group that he was going to be arrested? Brinnington would have been better off voting Conservative, but at least they’ve turfed out MacAlister.

  11. iainroberts says:

    Jon – since the Police have said that Colin is not being charged with anything, I’ve taken the trouble of deleting the potentially libellous part of your comment (the first time, I think).

    I can understand that you hate the Lib Dems – even to the extent of sinking to silly playground name-calling – but please keep libellous comments off my blog.

  12. iainroberts says:

    I should add that, despite Labour’s claims to the contrary, Colin was never arrested and never charged with anything – the police concluded he’d simply done nothing wrong.

    He leaves without a stain on his character.

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