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Stockport Crucial Crew

by Iain Roberts on 28 March, 2010

Around 2,000 children are currently taking part in ‘Crucial Crew’, an annual event organised by Stockport Council which teaches children vital lessons on how to keep themselves and others safe.

‘Crucial Crew’ is the first annual safety event in the UK recognised by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and is now in its 16th year. Professionals from Greater Manchester Police, Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service, North West Ambulance Service, NHS Stockport, British Transport Police, Stockport Women’s Aid, and the Council are presenting interactive learning sessions strengthening the link between knowing the correct response to a situation and actually doing it.

Issues covered included:-

• how to escape from a house fire

• basic first aid for someone who has collapsed

• the effects of alcohol and smoking

• dangers of the railway environment

• awareness of domestic violence/abuse issues

• cycling safely

• personal safety in relation to street crime

• age-restricted products

• cyber safety

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