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Good news on Barnes Hospital site

by Iain Roberts on 27 July, 2012

There’s good news for Cheadle’s Barnes Hospital – the sites got new owners who say they want to restore the hospital building – converting it into flats and building houses around it.

Schemes have come and gone in the past, not least due to the problems with the economy and the credit crunch, so no-one’s going to get too excited just yet, but the new owners have indicated that they’re keen to get on with the job so we’re hoping to see a planning application in the next few months.

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11 Responses

  1. Lucas says:

    Can’t see this being good news for the traffic situation around that area.

  2. Iain Roberts says:

    Traffic issues would be considered as part of any planning application – I would be surprised if the impact was that great, but I guess we need to be aware that any scheme to bring the Barnes Hospital building back into use will generate some more traffic.

  3. sewell says:

    I am sure that any increase in trafic will be considered in the planning application,but if we do not accept any change then we will lose another one of our historic buildings and landmarks.Barnes Hospital Building is going down the tubes fast,if we do nothing it will become just another picture in a history book of what used to be

  4. bruce thwaite says:

    Cannot see this happening due to the only egress being the A34 – they would have to create a new junction.

  5. Mike Savage says:

    I agree with sewell. This building is now in such a parlous condition we should be rolling out the red carpet for anyone seriously interested in restoring it. The current rumpus in the news over the proposed demolition of the grade 2 listed Ancoats Dispensary shows that historic buildings can easily become rubble if nothing happens for long enough. In my view, Barnes is a far superior building to the one in Ancoats, but almost as close to the bulldozers.

  6. mild says:

    I agree with the above. In my view, the previous owners knew redeveloping the old bulding would cost to much and let it decay in the hope they can knock it down and do a new build.

    If the new owners are prepared to renovate and keep the building, then we should support them on that. The traffic will be an issue, as I know the previous plans also included a lot of new build houses and apartments, as well as the hospital apartments.

  7. John Hartley says:

    Certainly agree on renovation rather than replacement if at all possible.

    Hopefully the access point from the northbound Kingsway carriageway will be retained as it provides a very useful turning place for those of us living on the South Park Road estate, if we want to travel south, or into Gatley or Cheadle.

  8. Gatley Girl Mel says:

    I have been a Gatley girl for most of my life. I absolutely agree to the renovation of Barnes Hospital. A sympathetic restoration of a magnificent building is what is needed here. For far too long (like the Tatton Cinema) the building has been disused and is becoming in a greater state of disrepair each year. It’s a travesty. Kingsway traffic has become better since the installation of the different traffic light system giving a left hand filter from Gatley towards Manchester. People need to start thinking about the consequences of leaving these buildings to rot and crumble. I very much support this project.

  9. Robert Taggart says:

    Barnes Hospital – one of the few buildings within this constituency worth saving.
    However, the geography does it no favours – it may not be a ‘gated’ community or even a ‘walled’ one – the fact that there be only one way in/out (by road anyway, foot ?) plus the surrounding infrastructure – surely make it a less than desirable location for habitation ?
    One wishes the building well, fingers crossed.

  10. dave jones cheadle says:

    lets hope these new owners are a lot more committed than the previous owners.
    this building surely has to be the most important piece of local history in such a poor state of disrepair and to lose it would be a travesty , i can only say if these new investors are commited to putting their money into not only buying this building but restoring it we should welcome them with open arms before its to late.
    robert barnes legacy can hopefully live on for another 150 years

  11. Megan says:

    I’m glad that they’re planning to do something with the area there now, although I do hope some of the grounds are kept the same as a park of some sort, they were quite nice really.

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