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Council to check trees behind Mitchell Close

by Iain Roberts on 16 November, 2012

Following concerns raised by residents, we’ve asked the Council to check trees on the edge of Gatley Carrs, immediately behind Mitchell Close (on Lorna Grove, Gatley) to see whether they are in good condition, or need action.

We also need the Council to check the land ownership, since the land on that edge of the Carrs isn’t all owned by the Council.


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  1. Paula Isherwood says:

    There has been a problem with land ownership at the edge of the Carrs for years. GCCG had to fight hard to get the Council’s environment department to replace the boardwalk leading to the motorway because they said it wasn’t their land. Manchester also said it wasn’t their land – stalemate. Finally Stockport replaced the boardwalk but said they wouldn’t do it next time (think they may have a problem now they’ve done it for the first time)!

    Think it is about time the issue of ownership finally got sorted out.

  2. Beryl Dean says:

    Thank you to the Lib Dems for pursuing our concerns. On the ball agin Thank you

  3. Mrs. J.May says:

    We have lived on Lorna Grove for 31 years and have made numerous enquiries about the trees behind our house (Gatley Carrs), which tower over our roof tops, all to no avail. The trees have caused us concern over the years, especially in windy weather, but despite contacting the council and speaking to the local councillors about this problem, we have got nowhere. Now it seems that because the Mitchell close residents have concerns, people are listening!

  4. John Bodicoat says:

    I know that one of our friends on that road has been trying to get the large trees at the rear of their garden trimmed. For years they have been fobbed off with this “ownership” story, which needs sorting as Paula states above.

  5. Jean Skitt says:

    Whilst they try to sort out those trees, maybe they can cut down the three useless trees at the front of Mitchell Close near to the small block, they completely block the light to the first four flats, !!!!

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