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Woodford development update

by Iain Roberts on 21 December, 2012

The proposal from Harrow Estates to build 950 houses on the former BAE Aerodrome site is moving forward.

Stockport Council have been consulting on a revised SPD (Supplementary Planning Document) which sets out what a developer is allowed to do on the site.  As a result of that consultation, a revised SPD (proposing slightly fewer houses be permitted) will be published on 4th January 2013.  That will include all the 700+ public comments made in the SPD consultation, and it comes to Stockport’s Executive on 14th January 2013.

There does not need to be an SPD in place for the developers to put forward a planning application, but we are working to ensure it is there – without the SPD the developers will have more freedom with any planning application and may be able to build more houses than we think is appropriate.

One way or another, I expect a planning application to come in sometime in the next few months.

Can I thank Woodford Community Council, local councillors and Mark Hunter MP – all of whom oppose the scale of development being proposed, and have worked constructively with Stockport Council to secure the best outcome.

We’re concerned about plans from Cheshire East Council to release greenbelt land at Handforth Dean to build around 2,000 additional homes – and especially the effect that will have on traffic on the A34 and on the Gatley Road lights which is the major pinch-point along the road.  That’s still at an early stage so we’ll be monitoring what Cheshire East are planning and feeding into their planning process.


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  1. mild says:

    re the A34, a development of 2,000 homes on this road will be a terrible plan. As you mention, it wil lead to further problems at the gatley road junction. I would be interested to konow how many cars cross this junction today comapred to before the bypass was built. I would guess it’s gone up a lot. The bypass was a good idea (and obviously helps places like handforth) but the decision to build houses, offices and shopping centres along it was a disaster. All these developments lead to extra cars using the road, that previosly wouldn’t have come near it.

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