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Lights out on the Belmont Road passageway

by Lib Dem team on 12 January, 2013

The lights are out on the passageway from Belmont Road to South Park Road – and at least some of them have been out for a while.

After we reported it, the Council investigated it and found the problem isn’t with the lamps themselves but the electricity feed.  That’s down to Electricity Northwest.  The Council asked them to fix it a month ago, but it’s still not been done, so we’re chasing.  Unfortunately, the Council can normally only ask – it doesn’t have legal powers to enforce the work being done.

Just down the road, a BT manhole cover has been shattered on the bend in Cambridge Road.  There’s been a fence around it for a while, but no repair.  We’ve spoken to the Council and they’re chasing BT to get it sorted.

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  1. Carole says:

    It is very dark at the end of Daylesford Crescent with the junction of Schools Hill. Is it possible for lighting to be brighter?

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