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Council consulting on cycling and walking improvements at Cheadle Royal and Bruntwood Park

by Iain Roberts on 8 February, 2013

When Sainsbury’s expanded their Cheadle Royal store, they had to pay some money for improving access.

Some of that money has gone to the upgraded puffin crossing on Schools Hill – the rest (which has to be spent near the store) is on improvements for cyclists and pedestrians at the Cheadle Royal roundabout in in Bruntwood Park.

The proposals include

  • new/resurfaced footpath to run parallel to Bruntwood Lane from Valley Road up to the main car park in Bruntwood Park.
  • new 3m wide footpath/cycle path to run past the car park on Bruntwood Park, down past the BMX track and then over the stream to Cheadle and Marple College.
  • Some minor improvements on the road from Schools Hill through Bruntwood Park to make it safer for cyclists
  • Double yellow lines around the corners at the junction of Bruntwood Lane and Valley Road to make it clear to drivers that they shouldn’t park on the junction (which they shouldn’t be doing anyway, of course).
  • A cycle contraflow section in the one-way part of Bruntwood Park, by the childrens play area
  • Minor changes to make the path from Etchells Road to Cheadle Royal a proper shared footpath/cycle path
  • Widen the footway for shared cycle/pedestrian use on Wilmslow Road from Heald Green up to Cheadle Royal, and give cyclists access directly at the rear of the site (currently the staff car park entrance)
  • Improvements at Shiers Drive/Cheadle Road (by the Village Hotel) to make it easier and safer for people to cycle through Brookfields Park, past the leisure centre and across Cheadle Road to Bruntwood Park.
  • One for drivers: re-order the lanes approaching the Cheadle Royal roundabout from Sainsbury’s, repaint the lines on the roundabout and add a box junction at the exit to Cheadle Royal Business Park to help vehicles leave there.
  • Resurface footway on west side of Kingsway from Cheadle Royal roundabout up to Broadway, making it a shared pedestrian/cycle path.

You can see all the maps and have your say on the proposals at the Stockport Council website.

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  1. B. Horstmann says:

    I had such a job with these maps finding out where I was as there is an absence of street names to easily recognise the locations.

    At Bruntwood, if the path down past the BMX track were a shared cycle path and continue across the brook and to West Downs, it could form a useful cycle link through to Sainsburys, and also part of a longer route down Old Wool Lane and the Airport link at Brookfield Rd. (and Ladybrook Valley when we get that open for cyclists; de-facto at present)

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