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Orchard and Rosewood Gardens Council Adoption

by Lib Dem team on 9 September, 2013

We have been working to get Orchard and Rosewood Gardens adopted by the Council for some time, so they can be properly maintained.

The good news is that both roads should be adopted by the end of November. When a road is adopted, the Council takes on the maintenance.  The streetlights have already been taken on by the Council, which was necessary for safety as a number had failed and the developer was not maintaining them.

Most of Rosewood Gardens is already adopted (the pink area on the map below).

There have been a number of issues causing the hold-up, including:

  • The developer turns out not to own a strip of land that forms part of the development.  Efforts have been made to find out who does own it, but without success (the Land Registry records don’t show it) so the Council is taking it on.
  • As part of the planning permission, money should have been paid to the Council towards the maintenance  and upkeep of the play area, but this was never paid.
  • The planning application included building a 2m wide footway along part of the road by the junction with Longley Lane.  This was never constructed by the developer.  The Council now plans to complete this work once the roads are adopted, using money held in a bond from the deveoper.


3 Responses

  1. Robert Taggart says:

    What about Birch Road, Gatley ?
    Depending upon atmospheric / weather conditions – it can be either a dust-bowl or a quagmire !

  2. Iain Roberts says:

    For Councils to adopt roads they have to be brought up to standard, then the Council will maintain them.

  3. road user says:

    Name and shame the developer!

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