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Cheaper car parking coming on 14th October

by Lib Dem team on 28 September, 2013

From 14th October, short-stay car parking gets cheaper across Stockport.

In Cheadle, parking for one hour will cost just 20p (currently 30p) and in Stockport Town Centre it will go down to 80p (currently £1.50).

This is something I’ve been working on in response to what residents and traders have told us they want. As the Council reports:

The introduction of an hourly charge at Council run car parks will allow people to easily extend their parking time in one hour slots.

This will encourage them to spend more time in the town and district centres.

The Council has recently introduced a pay by mobile phone payment option for its pay and display car parks. This allows people to pay to park, through their phone/mobile device as a cashless payment but also gives them the chance to extend their parking period without returning to the vehicle.

In March 2014 further changes are planned to the systems of payment for parking with pay on foot being put in to operation for the Merseyway car park.

Councillor Iain Roberts, Stockport Council’s Executive Member for Economic Development and Regeneration, said: “We’ve listened to people’s views from the parking consultation in 2012 and feel the introduction of a standard hourly charge for all Council car parks will help boost the economy in the town and district centres.

“To ensure we get the greatest benefit from these changes the car parking tariffs need to be amended to ensure all paid car parking has a one hour tariff that increases in standard increments. This adjustment will ensure that the payment options are as flexible as possible and that the charges are easy to understand for people.”

The current time increments do not allow the necessary flexibility to make the ability to extend visitor stay attractive to car park users.

The new parking tariffs will come into effect from Monday 14th October 2013.


6 Responses

  1. Les Leckie says:

    Well done, Iain, but I wish the plans for the flexible use of resident only parking could be progressed. Could we have an update on progress, please?

  2. Jennifer says:

    It is some progress, but 10p for the 1st hour would have been even better. Many people come just to go to the banks and that is why the High St gets blocked with illegally parked cars. Going to the doctor’s or other short stay visits would have benefitted from a 10p fee for say, 30 mins.

  3. Leigh says:

    Even I, who loathes paying to park a car would pay 20p and when I go to Altrincham I can usually find a good space.

    For me it’s the width of the bays that’s the issue.

    I’ve had too many dings in my car doors even when the cars either side are well parked one of them leaves, the gap is filled with someone parking too close to me and I get a ding.

    Not a problem with large car parks I just park at the back where no one wants to walk that far.

    When I’ve been Cheadle the car parks are always always packed. So it’s legal on street parking for me if I need to go there and I only go if I absolutely have no other choice.

    Obviously even slightly wider parking bays mean less cars so that’s an unlikely solution.

  4. Michael Sandler says:

    Parking should be free for the first two hours and then the local villages will be able to compete with the likes of Handforth Dean where the parking is free for as long as you want. This may then encourage businesses to open in the local villages, making empty premises a thing of the past and thereby bringing more revenues to the Local Authority.

  5. Alan Gent says:

    and this should be introduced with more stringent patrolling of all the illegal parking which takes place.

  6. Ruth Hill says:

    I agree with Michael. I only go to Cheadle if I absolutely have to as I object to having to pay. but I go often to Handforth Dean , John Lewis and Sainsbury’s as you don’t pay.

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