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The Battle for Cheadle and Gatley – exclusive local history source materials

by Lib Dem team on 11 November, 2013

From 1927 to the mid-1930s Manchester and Stockport vied to take over Cheadle & Gatley Urban District Council (covering Cheadle, Gatley, Heald Green and part of Cheadle Hulme).  At the time the area had the fastest-growing population in Greater Manchester.

First Manchester, then Stockport too, were keen to get their hands on the area.  Rival Bills went to Parliament as local residents made clear that they wanted things to stay as they were.

In the end both Stockport and Manchester failed, and Cheadle & Gatley Urban District remained until 1974 when Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council was created.

Exclusively and for the first time, here are newspaper cuttings from the time that tell the story, from a Manchester Guardian article of February 8th 1927 to May 31st 1946.


3 Responses

  1. Robert Taggart says:

    Time for another battle…
    The A34 makes for the obvious new western boundary for Stocky – Cheadle can continue with the ‘privilege’ of being in Stocky while Gatley along with Wythy can become part of a completely new urban entity – Altrincham + (Trafford south of the Mersey)!
    Given the excellent record of Trafford ‘Old’ – vis-à-vis the lowest Rates / Council Tax of all the GM Districts for every year of its existence – Gatley can only be on to a winner – even allowing for Wythy ‘dragging’ standards down !!

  2. Frederick Kenny says:

    I vote for Cheadle to go in with Gatley to join Trafford and get a massive Council Tax reduction!

  3. George G. Gatley says:

    Good Luck from a REAL AMERICAN GATLEY, with ties to Cheadle and Gatley England. I am
    so very proud of my herititage, and sons, George M., David, Joseph, and their offspring, to continue
    the proud family name of GATLEY.

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