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Stockport tops for Recycling

by Iain Roberts on 22 November, 2013

Stockport Council is thanking green-minded residents for helping the borough be the best for recycling in the North West.

Stockport residents are once again leading the way, recycling more than any other metropolitan authority and 6th out of the 354 councils nationally.

Councillor Stuart Bodsworth, Stockport Council’s Executive Member for Communities and Sustainability, said: “These figures are a fantastic testament to all of the residents who make the effort to recycle correctly. Being the best in the North West is a really good achievement and something to be hugely proud of.

”However, what this actually means is that we are creating an even greener place to live while at the same time avoiding the costs of sending waste to landfill, money saved that can be spent on other local services.”

It costs £246 more per tonne to dispose of waste from the black bin compared to the blue and brown bins.

Councillor Stuart Bodsworth, added: “The borough’s environmentally friendly households have helped us avoid landfill disposal costs of over £12 million since we started our changes back in 2007. Thanks to these excellent recycling efforts residents are now producing almost 170kg less of non-recyclable waste per household.”

The Council’s ‘Right Thing Right Bin’ information programme continues to help residents to make sure their recycling efforts aren’t wasted. Materials sent for recycling are checked at the depot and it only takes a few households to have put the wrong items in their recycling bins for a lorry load to be rejected and sent to landfill, causing unnecessary environmental damage and costs.

Everyone can boost the borough’s recycling by making sure they put the right items into their recycling bins. For more information about ‘Right Thing Right Bin’ visit

Stockport composts or recycles 61% of all household waste generated in the borough

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