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Slip road lights to be repaired – but it will take time

by Lib Dem team on 3 March, 2014

For a while the Lib Dem team have been pressing the Highways Agency to fix the streetlights on the slip road off the M60. As you come from Stockport and leave the M60 at Junction 3, most of streetlights are out.

It turns out that there’s a serious problem with the cabling. The work to replace it should be done in the 2014/15 financial year, and will involve replacing 2350m of cable! 64 lighting columns are affected by the problem.


5 Responses

  1. Jennifer says:

    It’s a shame it couldn’t have been done when the junction/roadworks were being done. I suppose it’s better late than never!

  2. Robert Cohen says:

    its also a shame that these lights are not helping the traffic flow – but are helping the increased flow of traffic to ILLEGALLY come through the South Park Estate. I’ve imposed a 5 mph drive through for those vehicles following me off from either Kingsway or the M60, so I apologise if you actually live on the estate.

  3. two wrongs dont make a right says:

    Careful doing that Robert. You might end up getting a ticket for obstructing the highway or whatever offence it might be.

  4. Chris Hornby says:

    Love Robert’s comments re his self imposed speed restriction, and think this might well work elsewhere particularly on High Grove Road, that well known ‘rat run’ which is gradually disintegrating to ploughed field status!

  5. Mr Gray says:

    I agree with the above 2 replies, to some extent. Yes, it’s always a shame things couldn’t have been done sooner. But that vehicles are illegally coming through SPE is worrying; no end to peoples ingenuity.
    I’m curious following Robert’s comment – wonder how we could do same on St Anns Rd North. I am fed up with cars on my boot trying to move me along. Isnt there a 20mph on there now? I’ve mentioned before, can we have a \local residents\ portable speed radar gun – to check and to deter.

    By the way – there is an awful deterioration in the first hump past St. Anns going north. A real suspension-bottomer.

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