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Graffiti reported on Foxland Road railway bridge

by Lib Dem team on 16 April, 2014

We’ve had quite a few people comment that there’s less graffiti in Cheadle & Gatley recently. Not none, but less and it’s a lot better than many other areas (over the border in Sharston, for example!).

We’ve followed a deliberate zero-tolerance policy for graffiti – if we see it, we report it. Where the graffiti’s on private property there can be complications, but generally it gets cleaned off or painted over pretty quickly.

photoToday I used the “My Council” app on my smartphone to report two pieces of graffiti by the railway bridge at the end of Foxland Road. There’s graffiti on both sides of the bridge, and also on a fence just the other side of the bridge. We’ll be checking to make sure both are painted over or cleaned off.

The railway bridge will be the responsibility of Network Rail, and the fence may be privately owned and so need the owners to sign an indemnity but hopefully both will be sorted.

If you spot any graffiti, please either let us know or report it directly to the Council via the website (always the best way to contact the Council) or using a smartphone app like “My Council”.

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  1. Chris Leuty says:

    Some cracking graffiti in the subway tunnels seen when using the cycle path, at the bottom of the slope in the photo on the other post (I think).

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