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UU repairs aim to stop Foxland Road water leaks

by Lib Dem team on 26 June, 2014

Residents across much of Gatley and part of Cheadle woke on Monday morning to find either no water or just a trickle.

The problem was yet another burst water main on Foxland Road, Gatley – just the latest in a long line over recent months.

We got on site early and saw water gushing from under the pavement out onto the road.

It got worse when both local primary schools – Lum Head and Gatley Primary – decided they had no option but to close for the day, with all the problems that brings for families.

Our concern was not only to get the initial leak fixed (which took United Utilities most of the day) but to sort out the underlying cause. You don’t get multiple burst pipes on the same short road without there being some underlying problem that needs fixing!

Since then we’ve been told that there’s a faulty pressure valve on St Anne’s Road North which is being repaired and which UU hope will fix the problem.

Foxland Road, Gatley is closed between Appleby Road and Delamere Road (including the junction with Silverdale Road). The closure is due to a burst water main which United Utilities are working to fix. They expect to complete the works on Saturday 28th June.

Working with local MP Mark Hunter and the Council, we’ve been speaking to UU this week and, should this not solve the problem, we’ll be pressing for action and contacting the Consumer Council for Water and OFWAT if needed.


4 Responses

  1. Bruce Thwaite says:

    Is it true that the Foxland road is to renamed Leak Lane?

  2. Carol Fitzsimons says:

    Ian I reported the burst On Foxland Rd on the Sunday 8th June I told them ( utilities) it was gushing and important. They took some time to get to it. Not good.

  3. Sajeel says:

    i also reported it that same day Carol and it took them more than 24 hrs to get to it ( even told them it was really gushing out )

  4. JohnG says:

    Thanks for your support on this Iain. UU are not giving us affected residents any impression that they are pulling out all the stops to fix it permanently. Meanwhile, with the road closures and diversions, we have even more irate drivers speeding through our community.
    Good to hear that you and Mark may take it to the Consumer Council for Water and OFWAT if needed.

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