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Nick Clegg announces big Government investment in Stockport

by Lib Dem team on 7 July, 2014

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg this morning announced a multi-million pound investment in Stockport which will see big improvements to the Town Centre and open up the way for Metrolink to come into the town.

The investments include Stockport’s Town Centre Access Package, designed to make it easier to get around the town centre in all forms of transport: car, bus, bike, on foot… and the demolition of the existing bus station, to be replaced by a new Metrolink-ready Transport Interchange with improved links to Stockport Station.

The plans link into a number of other big projects in Stockport including the Stockport Exchange development (new offices and hotel by the station) and the Bridgefield development (cinema, restaurants and more between Princes Street and the motorway).

With the A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road on target to be completed in 2017 and these projects fully funded, we’ll be looking to secure the next phase of projects and, in Cheadle and Gatley, the Lib Dems are campaigning for tram-train from Stockport to Altrincham as one of those projects.


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  1. Alan Gent says:

    well I hardly think Stockport needs any more transport links, a) because it already has enough, and b) there’s nothing to come to Stockport for, apart from some excellent pubs. Its amazing that a town this size hasn’t got one decent restaurant. On Friday when I was in Stockport, it was depressing to see the number of shuttered shops in the precinct. We really need a joined up approach to ensure inward investment of the right kind is effected to make the centre a pleasant and meaningful place to visit.

  2. Iain Roberts says:

    Agree with you 100% on the need for a joined up approach, Alan – and that’s exactly what we’re doing with the investment in the Bridgefield Street development, Stockport Exchange and the Marketplace area.

  3. robert cohen says:

    There are a multitude of reasons for the boarded up shops – parking charges, rents, rates, the huge cost and liability of being an employer to name but a few. I wish the initiative good luck. Stockport is a fine town with an impressive history that deserves to do better – and have some decent eateries.

  4. Alf74 says:

    This is very good news.

    Like the other commentators say the town in the evening present a sorry state in the evening, anything that improves that has to be welcome.

    Perhaps some thought can also be given to integrating the various forms of public transport we already have in a more effective manner, I.e., more frequent buses that connect to the various train and tram stations surrounding us.

    Is there anywhere we can see sketches, picture and plan layout of the new transport interchange?

  5. jb says:

    Forget about tram-train on the Stockport to Altrincham line which would take years to progress. Lets have local platforms set up at Cheadle and elsewhere now! What is holding up this popular requirement which is unlikely to cost the earth?

  6. Robert Taggart says:

    My monies on Mancy – bars, restaurants, theatres…
    even the shops sometimes !

  7. Robert Taggart says:

    Interesting, but, will ‘Calamity’ PLEDGE all this ? – before the election ?? !

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