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Your Lib Dem team for Cheadle West & Gatley Learn more – a new community website for Cheadle

by Lib Dem team on 15 July, 2014

We’re very happy to pass on news of – the new community website for Cheadle with local news, events, history, groups, businesses and more – take a look!

cheadle village net


2 Responses

  1. Stuart Thompson says:

    Dear Ian
    Thank you for alerting me to the Cheadle Village net. I wish the organizers every success.

    Important features of your weekly newsletter, and others that I read regularly, are that they arrive regularly and consist of brief titles of contents with links that can be clicked on to access items of interest.

    I find that I rarely contact websites in the hope that there might be a new item of interest – life is just too short. I also tend to delete messages that consist of many pages of current news and give my attention to those such as yours that have a good summary with links. Perhaps you could pass this message on to the Cheadle Village net as they are more likely to succeed if they apply they user-friendly features that I mention. The organiser is welcome to add my name to the circulation list.

  2. Alan Gent says:

    I agree with Stuart, however, having looked at the site, it has a lot of interesting articles about our area. Fascinating to learn that one merchant did actually make money out of “Stuff”. However,a note of caution, spell checker is freely available and should be used before publication!

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