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Could your children qualify for free school travel

by Iain Roberts on 21 August, 2014

Stockport Council administers the free school travel scheme for our area and they are concerned that, despite promoting it, take up has so far been low.

The council has asked councillors to help spread the word to get more parents to apply for free school travel.

Check here to see if your children might be eligible.


6 Responses

  1. Phil Greenberg says:

    Is this some kind of sick joke?
    My daughter who starts school a week on Friday, qualifies for a free bus pass, but has been turned down.
    There is no way she will have it in time for the start of term.
    We have been told you cannot speak to anybody at the council, you have to email them. All they reply is that it will be looked at in OCTOBER!!!
    As you can imagine this is stressful & unsatisfactory.
    Anybody that applies can expect a pathetic service, that will only cause you anxiety!

  2. Phil Greenberg says:

    P.s. Try the link & this will indicate just how good this service is!!!

  3. Iain Roberts says:

    Hi Phil – I’m concerned to hear that. Can we speak next week and I’ll find out what’s happening. Was your initial application dealt with in a timely way (albeit not with the outcome you’re looking for)?

  4. Phil Greenberg says:

    Any help would be most welcome.

    Applied in May and got a letter declining it in August so NOT timely. The deadline is in July for a bus pass to be issued for the coming term. Was turned done for not attending a feeder school, no mention of that in the eligibility criteria either.

  5. Shanaz Alam says:

    My daughter attends Altrincham Grammar school and we are residents in Stockport yet we are not allowed a bus pass and there is NO girls school in Stockport to fulfill my daughters educational need. why can Manchester City council give bus passes to children going out of area but not Stockport – it’s a joke you pay council tax and all other bills but Stockport council does not help or support it’s residents !

  6. Sandra Foy says:

    I applied for my son who has started college 4+ miles from home. Received a refusal saying only applicable to school children. Sorry but he doesn’t work he’s still in full time education why on earth do we not qualify? We get nothing else from this council and pay enough council tax.
    You want a bigger take up try giving out some of the passes when applied for.

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