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Dementia funding boost for local Wellcroft care home

by Lib Dem team on 4 September, 2014

Stockport Council in partnership with Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group has been awarded £755,000 from the Department of Health’s Dementia Grant, with money going to care homes across the Borough including Wellcroft at the bottom of Gatley Hill.

This money is being used to create care environments for people with dementia that help reduce anxiety, distress and help them feel safe, which will greatly improve the quality of their lives.

This includes providing 25 Dementia Reminiscence Therapy units in care homes and a day centre. These use software called My Life which incorporates local Stockport images, music, videos and historical information to create a personalised life-story book for each resident which helps reduce anxiety, improve quality of life and improve relationships with staff and relatives.

Other changes funded include the provision of dementia friendly furniture in 20 homes, enabling more independence; the improvement of signs and lighting, including the use of bold and tactile signs, colour coded floor zones and spaces with clear functional purposes; and improved accessibility to two gardens to make them more enjoyable for those with dementia.

Following the changes, homes have reported a much calmer atmosphere with less agitation and a reduction in the number of falls and of admissions to hospital.

The Lib Dem-led Council is also supporting the Dementia Friends campaign, launched by the Alzheimers Disease Society and Public Health England, encouraging staff, businesses and Stockport residents to become “Dementia Friends”, highlighting the fact that, with the right support, you can live well with dementia.


11 Responses

  1. Robert Taggart says:

    Were it not for the ‘blessed’ NHS intervening at every opportunity – most of the ‘inmates’ would never have suffered dementia – the ‘Grim Reaper’ would have saved them from it !
    The time, effort and money devoted to those of seventy years of age or over – be disproportionate and disastrous to the good of the country.
    These people have already had a life – time to let them go – in peace.

  2. Carolyn Minkes says:

    My father is 90 and thanks to the intervention of the NHS he is still living on his own, going out, enjoying company and doing a little work in which his memories of past colleagues complement the studies of people in their 20s. His experience and wisdom are valued far more than the above insensitive and ageist comments.

  3. Bruce thwaite says:

    Robert – an ex-colleague of mine has just got a new job and she is 69! I myself have a new job (albeit a zero hours contract with the NHS – a long story.)

    Years ago this would never have been allowed to happen.

  4. Bob says:

    What a disgusting thing to say Robert, these people have probably worked hard all their life and served their country and deserve to be well looked after a little longer, even if they are in their own little world.I do hope you enjoy a long and useful life.

  5. Anne Davidson says:

    Disgusted at Robert Taggart.

  6. Alison says:

    @ Robert – what an insensitive and short sighted ramble. My dad has dementia and was UNDER 70 when he got it but has otherwise lead a healthy life being fortunate enough to not rely on the NHS. He is now in a Care Home self funding and still funding the NHS after a long prosperous career. Furthermore he is happy 90% of this time so tell me, why should he be condemned in favour of younger people with physical illnesses? There are many people over 70 with higher quality life’s than the younger generations. You may also wish to consider the outstanding contribution of the scientists and medics to allow more people to lead long and rewarding life’s.

  7. Jules says:

    Robert taggart rarely am I lost for words. I won’t waste any effort on you other than one word “ignoramus”

    I wonder whether the grim reaper would come and retrieve this world of “things” like you because you don’t deserve to be classed as a human being !!!

  8. Robin Worley says:

    Robert Taggart, you are an idiot.

  9. Brian says:

    Experience a Dementia Friends Course and you will find the term “living with dementia” an apt description for many who, living with the condition can live a very useful and constructive life. As for your comment on the usefulness of people over 70 years of age. Without these people you would find that the economy could not exist without their contribution towards it. Before making such inflammatory comments, research the subject and then come back with some constructive ones.

  10. Robert Taggart says:

    WOW – such invective from you bloggers !
    This country be drowning under the increasing number of elderly people – and it does itself no favours by continually intervening to extend their ‘shelf life’ !!
    Death be as much a part of life as life itself – get used to that – get over that – and, while you still have that – get a life !!!

  11. Marion says:

    Don’t rise to Mr Taggart’s bait folks. To paraphrase a saying from the 1940s radio show ITMA: “It’s being so cheerful as keeps him going”. Live long and prosper Mr T!

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