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Evening parking in Cheadle

by Lib Dem team on 23 September, 2014

It’s great that more restaurants are opening up in Cheadle, but we’re getting more complaints about illegal parking along the roads in the evenings – parking on double yellow lines and on pavements.

It’s especially frustrating because parking is free after 6pm in all Council car parks across Stockport.

We’ve asked for more evening patrols by traffic wardens to crack down on the problem, and we’d advise anyone visiting one of Cheadle’s restaurants to park legally for free in the car parks and not risk getting a ticket.


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  1. Peter Rowley says:

    I agree with this point. Would it be possible to get a short note preferably written by you (it will carry more weight) to take round to the restaurants? Hopefully the restaurants will then advise their customers. I would be happy to take them round one evening.

  2. Slainte says:

    illegal parking during the day, especially on Massie Street and the High Street needs addressing too

  3. David Corbett says:

    With regard to your article regarding illegal parking what about the Car Park at the George and Dragon. I went yesterday afternoon, Saturday, and there was a big iron gate stopping entry. I could have parked on the street but instead I went home. Two lost customers for the pub who I thought would be trying to build up customers, a Public Relations disaster.

  4. Phillip Gould-Bourn says:

    I am so pleased to see this problem being given a wider audience.Cheadle Civic Society has been giving attention to the parking on the new pavements.Some drivers just don’t think, and others could not care less that their actions may be anti social.

  5. Neil Cocker says:

    Another parking issue is continuing at the end of Bulkeley Road. Church goers are continually parking on the hatched areas at the end of the road. This alteration to the junction was made to make it safer to pull out onto Stockport Road but now its just as difficult as ever – I don’t know if it’s illegal to park on the hatched area but it certainly makes the junction more dangerous.

  6. gb says:

    And vehicle parking on the pavement on Styal Rd between the Pymgate Lodge Hotel and Lomond Rd should be eliminated. This is breaking the paving slabs and is inconvenient for pedestrians, wheelchairs and pram pushers, etc., not to mention putting up repair costs, etc. All these houses have drives on which to park.

  7. Alan Gent says:

    Manchester employs wardens until 22:00. This is just people being bone idle when car parks are free. It should be enforced, in fact if you
    park in the pavements in Manchester, they tow you away!

  8. Mike says:

    Somebody should speak to Bathstore on Gatley Rd about their parking spaces. They are not big enough for many cars and as a consequence one often has to walk around a car which hangs over the pavement. Not ideal for somebody in a wheelchair. They even have the audacity to fine for illegal parking. Surely the council should have some of that money if the cars are also encroaching on the pavement!

  9. Les Leckie says:

    David, There is no longer a car park at the G&D. It now a sitting area and very nice too.

    • Graham says:

      @David Corbett It’s a good job that there are iron gates there ..otherwise you may have driven straight through the glass plate window in to the seating area! ..There is plenty of parking around the George and costs just a few coppers. The old car park has been converted in to an out door seating area.

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