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Labour and Conservatives lose councillors in Stockport

by Iain Roberts on 8 October, 2014

The Chair of Disability Labour, Cllr Laura Booth, has resigned from Stockport Labour, citing a “culture of systematic bullying in the local Labour party”. Laura Booth was also the Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Hazel Grove, a position she has now stood down from.

Two other Labour councillors have been deselected by Stockport Labour Party and so will not be able to stand as Labour candidates next May: Paul Moss in Reddish and Brian Hendley in Davenport and Cale Green. This comes after a fourth councillor, Patrick McAuley, quit the Labour group less than two years ago.

Even though Paul Moss remains a Labour councillor, Reddish’s Labour MP Andrew Gwynne, along with his staff member Claire Francis, has taken the astonishing step of publicly branding him a “waste of space” on Twitter – they also dismiss Cllr Booth’s concerns about Labour’s behaviour.


Tory councillor steps down

Sad news in Bramhall South and Woodford where newly elected Conservative councillor Anita Johnson has resigned the seat she first won in May, due to ill health – we wish Anita well.


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  1. Patrick McAuley says:

    Aey why av I been named and shamed? 🙁 haha

  2. […] Moss is the second Stockport councillor in three weeks to quit Labour: Cllr Laura Booth (Offerton) resigned earlier this month citing a “culture of systematic bullying in the local Labour party”. Cllr Booth was […]

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