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Lib Dem’s Tatton CPO on target for 2015 development start

by Lib Dem team on 9 October, 2014

It’s very easy to say “something must be done about the Tatton” – anyone can do that. It’s a lot tougher to actually get something done, with the site being privately owned.

The Lib Dem team have been pursuing a twin-track strategy to getting the Tatton site developed. First, we’ve got the Council to start a Compulsory Purchase Order. It’s not instant and it’s not certain to succeed, but it gives us a really good chance of sorting out the site. Second, we remain open to the existing owners developing the site – as they’ve been saying they want to for the last two years. If they come forward with a plan, that would be great.
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Here’s an update on the CPO:

Back in May I signed off the Development Brief for the site – that’s the document that goes out to developers and says “these are the sorts of things the Council would be happy to see on the site”, and I published it here a couple of weeks ago so everyone could take a look.

The site is currently being valued and land ownership confirmed.

There is a proper legal process we need to go through, and that takes time. It’s important we do it properly: if we try to cut corners, the owners can use that in court to stop the CPO going through and we’re back to square one.

We are currently on target to be handing the site over to a new developer before the end of 2015, or for the existing owners to come forward with a development plan before then. It’s not 100% certain, but we believe it gives us the best chance of sorting out the Tatton for good – something we all want.

So if other political parties say they’ve got a better plan, ask them what exactly it is – we don’t think there’s a better way and rather than just talking about it, the Lib Dems are doing it.


13 Responses

  1. Mark Lees says:

    Good work as usual Ian. I fully agree it is easy to ‘talk the talk’ but ‘walking the walk’ and ensuring correct action is taken is another matter.
    I have been annoyed by a certain party,s leaflets. I note plenty of criticism in them but see very little action.
    You are an asset to our community and appreciated by many.

  2. Robert Taggart says:

    Will believe it when tha sees it !

    Result ? – buy it up to pull it down !!

  3. mild says:

    Do we know if people like aldi, lidl or wetherspoons might be interested in the site?

    Good to hear that things might be progressing, but I really do hope the council enfore the point highlighted under 4.4 of the planning bried about the frontage being retained. If refurbished, it will continue to provide Gatley with a pleasant façade, whilst demolition and a new build would, I fear, look totally out of place.


    • DR C says:

      But the Tatton looks completely out of place !
      One can but assume you and others of a like mind have simply become ‘conditioned’ to it – it having been around for as long as anyone alive today can recall !
      The size and style of the building be very much out of keeping with Gatley.
      Pull it down.

  4. jennifer says:

    Mild’s reply is absolutely spot on! Mark, I couldn’t agree more about all the hard work Iain puts in, he is real asset to the community.

  5. RichyRich says:

    Am I the only one in Gatley that thinks this building is ugly. Pull the thing down. It was a cinema. It isn’t now. I’m looking forward for something modern in its place.

  6. ARTHUR lampkin says:

    Will this be before or after the elections

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi Arthur – it’s a legal process so it will take as long as it needs to take – it certainly won’t be all completed before the elections (it’s more important to get it done right than to rush something that looks good and doesn’t work, in my view).

  7. David Johnson says:

    I agree with the Lib Dem approach – Our Council must put residents needs and views first within the law. However many laws introduced in recent years put commerce before local people e.g. The Natwest building! They must be resisted. As to appearance of a replacement building there are many varying opinions and by the boring looks of most new glass and concrete blocks I would not advocate following that trend.

  8. jb says:

    Personally, I would like to see the frontage retained if possible. I think its a real period piece.

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