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Stockport school holiday dates – have your say

by Iain Roberts on 13 January, 2015

The annual consultation into Stockport’s school holiday dates is open until 8th February for everyone to have our say. In addition, changes to admissions and catchment areas for St Thomas’, Norris Bank and Tithe Barn primary schools in the Heatons are being consulted on.

You can find out more and have your say here.


6 Responses

  1. shabs says:

    Is this to help reduce traffic?

  2. Iain says:

    Not specifically, but that might be a good reason to pick some holiday dates over others.

  3. cheap holiday planner says:

    Where possible, any week that does not coincide with national school holidays dates!

  4. Hasan Matin says:

    Stockport Summer Term 2015
    Summer Term Primary
    Term Time From Mon 20 Apr 15 to Fri 22 May 15
    Half Term Holiday From Mon 25 May 15 to Fri 05 Jun 15
    Term Time From Mon 8 Jun 15 to Tues 28 Jul 15

    Summer Term Secondary
    Term Time From Mon 20 Apr 15 to Fri 22 May 15
    Half Term Holiday From Mon 25 May 15 to Fri 29 May 15
    Term Time From Mon 01 Jun 15 to Tues 21 Jul 15

    I am a parent with children attending both primary and secondary and find it frustrating that the summer half-tern holiday is 1 week for secondary but 2 WEEKS for primary – resulting in the primary term ending 1 week later.
    I am sure this is frustrating for working parents who have to pay/arrange an extra week of child care and also when arranging for summer vacations.
    I find this even more bizarre given the fact that all other holidays are at the same time and that no other LEA has this type of difference in holidays between Primary & Secondary schools.
    Is this a functional requirement of Stockport primary schools? – If not can it be reviewed and brought in line with secondary schools for 2015/16 if not 2014/15.


  5. Iain Roberts says:

    Hi Hasan,

    That issue is regularly reviewed. As you say, if you have one child at primary and one at secondary it’s a pain, but the consistent feedback is that the benefits for parents who just have children at primary (especially being able to take cheaper holidays in the second week of the Whit half term) outweigh that downside.

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