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Overnight closure of Manchester’s runway 1 next week

by Lib Dem team on 17 March, 2015

Manchester Airport (source: Wikipedia)

From Manchester Airport:

Runway Closures 2015
During March 2015 we are carrying out maintenance work to the eastern taxiways adjoining Runway 1(Runway 23R/05L); the programme will require five nights of closure. Further work will be required during 2015 and so two dates each month have been identified between May and December. This has enabled a works programme to be planned and to provide advance notice; it is anticipated will be useful for our neighbours. During these nights of closure the routine maintenance tasks, necessary to keep our busiest runway and its’ adjoining taxiways in a good and safe condition, will also be carried out.

Runway 2(Runway 23L/05R) will be used as the sole runway between 2200 and 0600 hours on the following dates:

March 22nd, 23rd, 24th 25th & 26th
May 5th & 6th June 2nd & 3rd
July 7th & 8th August 4th & 5th
September 1st & 2nd October 6th & 7th
November 3rd & 4th December 1st & 2nd

As always, the prevailing weather conditions will determine in which direction aircraft will take-off and land. In the event of bad weather/low visibility, the works may be deferred and Runway 1(Runway 23R/05L) will be reinstated. Normal operations will resume at all other times. These changes are permitted within the terms of the Planning Permission Runway 2(Runway 23L/05R).

More information on the Manchester Airport website.

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