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Council wants your help to tackle illegal off-road bikes

by Lib Dem team on 17 April, 2015

Riding a quad bike/mini motorbike or driving an unlicensed vehicle is illegal, anti-social and dangerous. Bikes will be seized, crushed and owners fined.

Help us take action in your area!
If you know a person or persons causing annoyance by illegally riding on an off-road bike you can report it.
All information is welcome but below is a list to help you remember some of the more important details. You can contact us in confidence and do not have to provide any of your personal details.
If known, note down the name, age and address of the person or persons causing annoyance.
  • name, age and address of offender.
  • Note down the number of riders, and descriptions including clothing.
  • Make a note of the type of nuisance, the time, date and location.
  • Make a note of any vehicle details eg: mini motobike, make, model and colour?
  • And finally, any other information?
In all instances please try and give as much information as possible and together we can stop this nuisance in our area. Use the list above as a guide and forward the information to Stockport Council here.
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