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Cheadle Area Committee report back – 9th June 2015

by Lib Dem team on 9 June, 2015

A long agenda at Cheadle Area Committee – here’s what we discussed and decided.

  • All Hallows Church youth group applied for £500 funding for equipment, which was awarded.
  • Targeted Youth Engagement Services, a Community Interest Company, applied for funding towards the £12,800 cost of a project to make a film with young women in Adswood and Brinnington to help them gain employment skills and make better decisions towards their health, safety and emotional wellbeing. We thought it was a good project, but outside the scope of our ward funding so we’re helping them find more suitable funding sources.
  • Application 58201 – house extension for 276 Styal Road, Heald Green came to us because it’s in the green belt. The extension wouldn’t be out of keeping with other houses and seemed appropriate so we recommended grant. Final decision to be made by the Council’s Planning & Highways committee.
  • Application 58234 – demolish garages off Pendlebury Road, Gatley and build two houses. Residents had a number of concerns and councillors were particularly worried about text in the application suggesting a septic tank could be used for foul waste if connection to the main sewer proved too expensive. In the end the majority view was that the issues had to be dealt with through building regulations and were not valid reasons to refuse the application, so it was granted.
  • We had an annual report from Stockport Homes on the work they’re doing around our area.
  • We had our annual report on the Brookfield Shiers Family Trust – money the Cheadle Area Committee holds in trust for the community. The total value of the fund ar 31st March was £306,027. We’ve long had a policy of maintaining the value of the fund in real terms, and that gives us £40,000 to distribute. We decided to offer up to £15,000 for community groups to bid for, and the remainder for projects to help reduce lonliness among elderly people.
  • Proposal for yellow lines at the junction of Argyll Road and Councillor Lane were approved.
  • Proposal for yellow lines along Walden Avenue, off Wilmslow Avenue, were approved.
  • Councillors recommended the Cheadle Civic Society be given a lease on Cheadle Green. There are a number of details that will need to be worked out of course.
  • Application to hold the Heald Green festival on Outwood fields was approved.
  • Application for St James High School to use Bruntwood Park as part of the route for their sponsored walk was approved.

2 Responses

  1. gb says:

    When are we likely to see double white lines down Styal Rd?
    Has the proposal to paint a continuous white line for the Gatley lane traffic off the westbound M60 exit slip yet been discussed. Its still being used as an overtaking lane by impatient Wilmslow bound drivers who pull back over just before Gatley lights. The line could continue down the A34 to the lights as traffic should have segregated before the slip exit.

    • Iain Roberts says:

      I’m not aware of any proposal for double white lines down Styal Road.

      Yes, the proposal for a continuous white line for the Gatley slip is with TfGM and Council.

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