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Keith launches village street survey

by Iain Roberts on 15 June, 2015

stonepail potholeOver the next few weeks you may see your Lib Dem councillors – Keith Holloway, Graham Greenhalgh and Iain Roberts – walking or cycling down your road and noting any issues. Please do say hello!

Keith has launched a village street survey and over the summer the Lib Dem team will be walking along every single road and path in Cheadle and Gatley ward, looking for potholes, trip hazards, graffiti and other issues and reporting them to the council and other agencies to get them fixed.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for either the Lib Dem or the council come round and spot problems – you can report them online here.


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  1. Estelle Weiner says:

    are you going to cycle, push a pram or drive a car over the potholes from Cheadle Green down Newland Road to Abney Hall Park? Wish you luck!
    Oh I forgot, SMBC are abdicating their responsibility for the first section before the railway bridge……. but then you’ve heard me rant on about this probably ad nauseam. And still nothing has been done in almost two years of bringing it to the attention of the ‘powers’ that be.

  2. Alex Demetrious says:

    Please do not forget the passage in front of greenvale drive, cheadle the way the council has ! Thank you

  3. gb says:

    Can you publicise when you will be visiting each area?

  4. Arthur lampkin says:

    Hope you look at Stonepail Road as this is an accident waiting to happen. Maybe to save the road you could make it one way ie going up to park Road as drivers could go to church Road to go the other way and not make it a rat run and easier to navigate for cars and pedestrians.

  5. Harry Bull says:

    Get yourselves down to Lorna/Dingle Grove and let us know when you’re coming – oh and bring enough paper to make a long list!!

  6. Frederick Kenny says:

    Hi, unsure how to persue this but there is an annoying rut going right across Turves Road near the traffic light and immediately adjacent to Madison Avenue.

    Its getting worse and must be at least 3 – 4 inch deep and impossible to avoid as goes right across the road.

    If you are able to get this sorted out that would be great!

  7. PAT WHITWAM says:

    Would love to know what Brentwood Ave., did to deserve the whole road being resurfaced. Now a few potholes by the kerb have been filled in leaving the centre of the road – ie where all cars drive, untouched. I do hope this isn’t another waste of money on the cycle path which has been signed recently to Manchester Airport & Gatley Station meandering through Mardale Drive, South Park Rd and part of Coniston, the surfaces of which are in a terrible condition. A really worthwhile investment on the half a dozen or so cyclists who use this weekly, not to mention the ones who completely ignore the expensive cycle lane round the slip road and thence along Kingsway – ‘the cycle path to nowhere’ – and persist in cycling along Kingsway, dodging through 2 & 3 lanes of traffic around the slip road/Kingsway lights. An accident waiting to happen.

    Please consider the rate payers in this area and not the small minority for a change.

  8. Carolyn Minkes says:

    Again – the streets behind the Tatton where it is safer to walk down the middle of the road than on the pavement e.g. On Leyland Avenue where I live.

  9. Tracey Seddon says:

    Frances Ave, Gatley – they have painted white lines OVER the potholes at the end of the road and been this week to tarmac the pavements – not sure where they were looking when they did it though as it’s totally random and still loads of worn patches everywhere!

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