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Councillors step up as Mary Robinson ignores residents

by Lib Dem team on 27 June, 2015

Residents complain Mary Robinson doesn’t reply to emails

Since the election of Conservative MP Mary Robinson in Cheadle, the local Lib Dems have been receiving complaints that she is ignoring residents and not even bothering to reply when she’s contacted.

“I have sent four very politely worded emails now and still not had response.” one resident told us.
“I wonder if you would know how I would go about putting a complaint against Mrs Robinson, as I see no point in having an MP who is not going to do anything.” another has asked.
It’s not just the Lib Dem councillors who have been contacted either – lots of people have got in touch with the Manchester Evening News about the problem.
Local residents deserve an MP who does the job
The Lib Dem team have decided to step up and help residents with these issues, as Mark Hunter always did for the ten years he served as our MP.
“If you have a problem and Mary Robinson hasn’t sorted it out, or even taken the time to reply to you, please contact the Lib Dem team. Although we no longer have a Lib Dem MP, we will always do our best to help.” said local councillor Keith Holloway.

9 Responses

  1. Alan Gent says:

    A just reward for all those uninformed voters who elected her, but not much use for the rest of us who have a lost a hard working and local MP.
    And we’ve got another five years of this still to come!

  2. Halifax says:

    Mark lost his seat over National issues, of which the LibDems failed to represent the view of the constituents.

    It is a lesson I feel they have not learned.

  3. phil says:

    I like many have tried without success to contact our new member of parliament. Whatever your party views, Mark Hunter did bother to reply and helped on a couple of occasions.

  4. bruce says:

    Please give her a chance to get settled. She has not been in office for that long so please reserve judgement . As for your party Iain they seem to be obsessed with Tory bashing.

  5. bruce says:

    On a more serious matter are the libdems and Mr Hunter conspiring against our MP?

  6. Victor says:

    I emailed Mary Robinson several weeks ago and also did not get a reply.
    Not good enough.

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