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#WeStandTogether in Gatley

by Lib Dem team on 19 October, 2015

Iain joins members of GMP and faith communities at the Yeshurun synagogue

Iain joins members of GMP and faith communities at the Yeshurun synagogue

I was very pleased to join Christians, Muslims, Jews, Sikhs and Hindus at the Yeshurun synagogue in Gatley, along with my colleague Cllr June Somekh, the Deputy Mayor.

The interfaith event was organised by Greater Manchester Police and Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy spoke in one of his last engagements before leaving the Police to take up a new role at the Retrak charity in Cheadle Hulme.

The message from the event was simple: the different faiths have far more in common than they have differences, and the moderates who form the vast majority want to work together for the benefit of all.

We reject extremism of any form. We reject the idea that different religions can’t co-exist. We believe we are stronger living side-by-side in a Christian, multi-cultural Britain, respecting  each other.

When the extremists get the headlines and the moderates who work together do so quietly, we put our communities more at risk. We all need to stand together, and to make a lot more noise.


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  1. Tony Kaye says:

    Speaking as Chairman of the Yeshurun Synagogue, we were delighted to host the wonderful event and to welcome people of so many faiths into our Synagogue. It was a truly inspirational occasion and wonderful to see how we all share the same goals : to live in peace alongside one another; to abhor extremism from anywhere; to practice our faiths as we wish; and to applaud our similar aims. Diversity and Tolerance. Everyone enjoyed the occasion and chatted for ages at the afternoon tea following the speeches. There was so much warmth in the room it was palpable. It was a privilege to have Sir Peter Fahy there as the guest speaker sine the “We Stand Together” initiative was his idea. He should be applauded and I only hope this project will continue after his retirement.
    A wonderful afternoon.
    Dr Tony Kaye

  2. Dawn Calmonson says:

    Tony’s comments are absolutely perfect, and describe so perfectly the way we all felt. It was a wonderful afternoon, and so uplifting to see so many peoples of different faiths all there to support one another, each with a common desire for peace. Each Speaker was so interesting and inspiring. Thank you for your support Iain.

  3. Halifax says:

    One of the problems is that who defines what is extreme?

    I’m sure ISIS don’t consider themselves extreme, they just consider that their interpretation of Islam is right and everyone else’s is wrong.

    Someone like Richard Darkins would possible argue that religion by definition is extreme.

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