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Lib Dems vote to scrap tax credit cuts

by Lib Dem team on 26 October, 2015

Political commentator Mike Smithson

Political commentator Mike Smithson

I was very proud to see the Liberal Democrat peers, including Dave Goddard – who’s also an Offerton councillor – vote to scrap the Conservative Tax Credit cuts tonight.

The Conservative plans would see millions of poorer working people lose out. 13,500 families will lose out in Stockport alone, losing an average of £750 each.

Sadly, Labour chose not to support the Lib Dems in opposing tax credits – just as they abstained on the welfare bill in the summer, they abstained again tonight.

However, the Lib Dems want to get the best result we can for working people so our Peers were happy to support the Labour motion which delays the tax credit cuts and asks the Government to think again.

We now hope that the Commons will reconsider these changes. We will be keeping a close eye on our local Conservative MP for Cheadle and reporting back on how she votes.


8 Responses

  1. bruce says:

    Typical of you to be proud of the 100 and odd unelected Dimble cronies you have in the Lords.

  2. Jane says:

    With regards to child tax credits.
    Bring in the living wage…..introduce free, full time childcare for all so that BOTH parents can go & work full time & there will be no reason for ANYONE to collect ANY of these benefits. Wouldn’t that be a cheaper & more simple approach for the government?

  3. Mark Lees says:

    Jane, you make complete sense.
    I have always respected the Lib Demos but I am increasingly becoming frustrated with their politics.
    You can’t have the cake and eat it. We have to get rid of the deficit. Only when the deficit has been eliminated can we reduce our debt. Until the debt is reduced tax will be high. I couldn’t bite Lib Demsdue to their ideology of obtaining tax from hard work. Notwithstanding. I know you are a caring party with some excellent policies. For example. Pupil premium.
    Rather than criticising government decisions which are necessary to eliminate the deficit, please clarify where you would obtain the savings. I beg of you not to reply in typical Tim Fallon style by stating inheritance tax and tax avoidance. We all know this would not be anywhere sufficient.

  4. roy says:

    Well Done Lib Dems

    Once again you have confirmed that you have learnt nothing from the last election, The Conservatives won the election with their policies you Did Not.
    Myself and my family who are all tax payers and receive No state benefits are fed up with paying Tax Credits/benefits to people who it is claimed are worse off than us. If they are then let them get full time jobs and join the Rat Race like the people who are providing the benefits. I have to say in the defence of people receiving Tax Credit that until the system changes They’d be mugs to get full time employment, It cannot be correct that someone in receipt of Tax Credits can take home more net pay than other workers doing the same job but working full time do. We have to realise that money doesn’t grow on Trees, we have to cut Overseas Aid, and realise that we cannot save the World.
    Lib Dems and other with high aims Wise Up your being taken for a ride, State Benefits should only provide a safety net not Sky, Booze, and cigarettes, in fashion trainers etc. lots of people in full time work not in receipt of benefits have to make do and made.

  5. Iain Roberts says:

    If the Government had a plan to stop pushing people into poverty as a result of the policy, you might have a point.

    They don’t. Cutting tax credits – as an increasing number of Tory MPs admit – will simply push more people into poverty and reduce the incentive for anyone unemployed to get a job.

    Its effect is the exact opposite of what Osborne claims to want to achieve.

    Yes, we should reduce the deficit, but not on the backs of the poor. There are better ways!

  6. Halifax says:

    So the unelected Lords have stopped the elected Commons, and you call that democracy!

    Tax credits are a benefit in all but name and costs £30bn. So if the welfare bill is not going to cut where else are the cuts going to come from (NHS, police, education – you tell me?) For all those opposed to any cuts please see the attached link

    And before you say lets tax more, history shows you can only tax approx. about a third of GDP, which is what we already do, after that it starts being counter productive.

  7. Jb says:

    Scrapping HS2 should release a huge amount of money to spend on the NHS, the Police, welfare and traffic problems, etc. The Govt. should concentrate upon developing our existing rail infrastructure by targetted improvements to the system to provide greater connectivity and capacity for everyone not just those wanting to save 30 mins going from London to Birmingham – and for what? There has been no evidence presented which shows where any new businesses which require such concentrated travel requirements, are coming from?

    HS2 is not universally popular and is an expensive vanity exercise, the funding for which could be far more wisely spent elsewhere. The comparatively minimal cost of re-opening Cheadle (LNW) station, for example, would reduce our local dependence on private car traffic.

    So, Lib Dems, start lobbying to Stop HS2!

  8. Halifax says:

    I agree that HS2 is and will be a white elephant, but I guess the companies who have contracts to build it possibly donate to a certain Party or possible Parties

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