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Seashell Trust consults public on house building plans

by Lib Dem team on 26 October, 2015

We reported back in July that the Seashell Trust wants to expand and redevelop large parts of the school, and believes they need to build houses on fields they own near the site to fund the move.

The Seashell Trust have now put out a public consultation document and are inviting people’s views on the plans. Make sure you have your say!


7 Responses

  1. Carolyn Minkes says:

    I am opposed to development on green belt sites but I recognise and have experience of this organisation’s work with youngsters whose complex needs are hard to meet elsewhere. If there is really no other way to fund this development I guess it should go ahead.

  2. Mr S Powell says:

    Too much greenfield sites have been built on – entirely due to our Councillors – we should not allow this to go ahead.
    Mr S Powell

  3. Max Gray says:

    I am not opposed to any development within the boundaries of the SST grounds so long as it is a real requirement and is fully funded and meets with the SMBC guidlines
    I am however totally opposed to any development of the greenbelt land
    i also question the need for the new planning application as the 2012 application for new housing, refurbishment of existing buildings , additional parking and an all weather pitch would Should have been the SST’s forward requirement plan.
    I also question the forever changing build charges which SST now say will be £50,000,000 (is this the value of the greenbelt field with planning permission)?

  4. Max Gray says:

    Apologies, checking my notes the figure is £40,000,000

    • Iain Roberts says:

      They should be questioned, of course – those sorts of costs always change considerably over time (sometimes up, sometimes down). Do you have any reason to think they will be way off?

  5. Concerned of Heald Green says:

    With the Cheshire East plans for 2000 new houses North of Total Fitness the traffic logistics together with this SST plan will destroy Heald Green. The SST need to try harder at fund raising especially if as the say they are a National Facility.

    Incidentally the other day, disabled children were being wheeled on the A34 with NO blankets. How’s that for care Mr Gerety?

  6. Save our Greenbelt says:

    – There is already too much traffic running the 2 main roads through Heald Green, Finney Lane and Wilmslow are a constant nightmare. You cannot move down Wilmslow road already during rush hour and at the weekends with people going to John Lewis, how will what would potentially be 800 cars effect this area ? it takes at least 10 minutes to get onto Wilmslow Road from Queensway in the mornings, there will be a potential accident hot spot where they are proposing to introduce the entrance and Queensway.
    – There are already too many people in Heald Green for the Health centre to cope with, appointment times going into 3-4 weeks for non-emergency. Will the council build any new facilities for all these new homes in and around the area?
    – People are already unable to get the schools that they want, with the large increase of new homes comes families, they say 2.4 children x 400 homes = larger classes or the need for a new school in the area. What plans would the council have to accommodate more child places?
    – Lack of recreational ground – Homes are built on recreational ground, which means less spaces for children to play, more homes are built meaning more children in the area there must be a compromise on this all over Heald Green, Cheadle Hulme etc we are losing every scrap of recreational ground more kids are just running around the streets with no-where to go. We do not need more homes we need more recreational ground.
    – Peoples health in general; we have the airport close by, the bypass was built, John Lewis increased traffic, Stanly Green (with more sites to be built) the SEMMS road, we are getting boxed in from all sides and now they want to fill in the blanks in with housing, god knows what the air quality is like in Heald Green I would like to know how it compares to Wilmslow or Poynton etc at least the small pockets of Green Belt we have managed to cling to help the issue, take this away and you double if not treble to problem as you take the greenbelt away losing valuable natural life that soaks in harmful gasses but then you add more to the equation.
    – I have no issue with the Seashell Trust looking to improve facilities as I am sure they do fantastic work, but wouldn’t want improvements, not at the sacrifice of our Green Belt, not at the sacrifice of the surrounding communities and not at the sacrifice of our local children. They state that they are a national charity then surely they can get help from all councils nationally? £100k from each council would do it, what about the National Lottery, is there any reason why they cannot get this help? is the requirement for these new facilities really justified at the expense of everything else ? If these facilities were absolutely required then I am sure they could get this money from other sources.

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