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Lib Dem action – overgrowing branches on Old Hall Road

by Lib Dem team on 28 October, 2015

old hall road treesAfter a complaint from residents of Willow Court, the Lib Dem team have got the council to cut back vegetation that was growing out from the old cemetery over the pavement at the bottom of Old Hall Road.

Some people were being pushed into the road, so worth getting sorted!


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  1. Harry Bull says:

    I can’t believe that your precious time, resources and web space are given, in part, towards such a relatively unimportant item.

  2. Iain Roberts says:

    Hi Harry, web space really isn’t that expensive!

    We sort out lots and lots of smaller things as part of our casework so from time to time we make sure to report back on an example or two, just to let people know that we work on the little problems as well as the big ones.

    It may seem small, but for the elderly people pushed into the road by overgrowing branches it’s a significant issue that’s worth sorting.

  3. Emma B says:

    They’re very lucky!
    I’ve just had to pay over £1200 to get trees cut back that are on Gatley Carrs bordering onto my property.
    At least they haven’t had to pay to get them sorted out!

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi Emma,

      The Council has a responsibility to maintain trees on council land, though money is stretched. It can’t afford to maintain trees on private land too, unfortunately.

      • Emma B says:

        Hi Iain,

        I know – it’s on council land overhanging onto my property and blocking out most of the light!
        The trees are not on my property – they are on Gatley Carrs.
        But they have grown so much over the last few years they are causing my garden to become waterlogged as it just isn’t drying out as they literally now block out any sunlight that would fall across the garden.
        The picture you have shown of those bits of branch are piecemeal in comparison to the mess these trees are making of my property which is why I’m paying SK Solutions to sort them out!
        I hadn’t minded until I saw this – now I have to say in quite annoyed!!

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