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Yellow lines for South Park Road bend

by Lib Dem team on 15 December, 2015

Following requests from residents, Keith and the Lib Dem team are consulting to see if there should be yellow lines on the bend on South Park Road (either one side or both) to stop cars parking on the narrow section.


Let us know your view.


10 Responses

  1. Colin says:

    Agreed it is sometimes a squeeze when people park without using common sense but yellow lines probably won’t stop people anyway without enforcement. Given many people drive through the estate at over 30mph let alone under the 20 limit, seemingly with impunity, I doubt it’d make a difference – no one seems to follow rules without likely consequence to their wallets. Often, the a smaller gap is better, as it slows the traffic a little.

    I’m personally more concerned about people parking on the pavement like the car in the picture, which forces anyone walking along into the road, particularly an issue with pushchairs, wheelchairs etc. It happens far too much and I’d welcome an effort into improving considerate parking in the area.

  2. John Hartley says:

    You may also wish to consider yellow lines at the junction of Mardale & South Park. Cars regularly park literally at the junction (something I think is already an offence), which considerably reduces visibility and ability to spot oncoming traffic, if turning left onto South Park.

  3. Jerry Clegg says:

    What we want is a bit more consideration about the way people park, not yellow lines, which will just push the parking problems further along the road in front of other people’s houses. We do not want any yellow lines.

  4. David Johnson says:

    Since local roads are now used as main roads and use will increase with the new housing in the South the chaos can only increase. This is particularly so along St. Anne’s/Silverdale/Foxland/Delamere roads with bend parking. The new 20mph limits are a joke and the behaviour of some drivers have several times put me in danger. From my house I often need to go both ways along this route so my experience is valid.

  5. Ken Holmes says:

    You can bring in double yellows, 20mph limits, it makes little or no difference
    if they are not enforced!
    Just walk round Gatley village in the evening, especially Friday and Saturday.
    Speeding, parking on double yellows and even on the pedestrian crossings.
    Not a police patrol in sight!
    Unfortunately it’s the selfish and inconsiderate world we live in and people
    know that the chances of being prosecuted are minimal.
    Questions for our Councillors:
    • in the last month how many prosecutions for traffic offences have there been in the Gatley area
    • how often is there a police presence in the village
    • are there any plans for traffic wardens?

  6. Graham Coull says:

    No point unless it is enforced!!!!

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Graham – yes, double yellow lines are enforced. You can report online if there’s a particular issue. However, it’s also true that most people do observe them whether there’s a traffic warden is there or not.

  7. Graham says:

    Hi Iain, my reply to Keith’s request is below just in case you have not seen it

    I have just read your flyer re parking on the bend. I have to say whilst it is sometimes tight I don’t feel it is right to penalise those that live there with restrictive parking, most have already given up their gardens for parking anyway

    We have lived here for 18 years and in all honesty we have not had any real issue with this so exactly how many residents are having issues, are they real issues or is it just a little tricky sometimes ?

    There is a bigger issue with people parking at the top of coniston road , particularly at busy periods. People coming off the A34 are heading straight into queuing traffic trying to get onto the A34 from the estate, thus blocking the road when something is parked up near the top. We have had a couple of near misses here, certainly more than on the bend


  8. John says:

    Keith, my advice is – don’t put local’s issues like this on this public page. Better to deal with it off-web. Otherwise it just encourages those few that just like to have a rant.

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