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Road issues across Cheadle and Gatley

by Lib Dem team on 7 January, 2016

The Lib Dem team work on a lot of issues, and this week we had a meeting with the council’s transportation team on a number of issues that people have raised with us.

  • Parking on Milton Crescent. We’ve asked the council to look at where yellow lines could help make sure that traffic can get along the road and people can get in and out of driveways.
  • Yellow line on the inside of the bend on South Park Road – we’ve had some requests for this and we’ve asked the council to come up with a proposal for residents to consider.
  • “No cycling” signs on the passageway from Gatley station to South Park Road. We’ve asked again for these to be put up with the signage for the new scheme, and for that to be as soon as possible.
  • Speed checks on Styal Road. We’ve now got the results from the speed signs, which shows 15% of vehicles breaking the 30mph speed limit along that section. We’re looking at what to do next. We could put up a permanent sign or have temporary signs going on from time to time. We’re told that the speed signs lose their effectiveness after a few weeks, so having a temporary sign going up from time to time might be more effective than having a permanent one that people soon stop noticing.
  • Cars driving onto the pavement to turn left or go straight ahead on Oakwood Avenue at the junction with Gatley Road (by the railway bridge in Gatley). We’ve asked council officers to look at the issue and come back to us with recommendations.
  • Cars going the wrong way along the one-way section of Gatley Green and delivery lorries blocking the exit. Again, we’ve asked council officers to have a look and come back with recommendations.
  • Gatley approach to Kingsway junction. We think that we can make a small improvement to traffic by widening the area of  Gatley Road that can be used by cars at the Torkington Road junction. At the moment the left-turn filter lane often gets blocked by traffic wanting to go straight ahead. We think by moving the central hatching and moving the lines across we can get three lanes of traffic at that point rather than two-and-a-half and so can reduce the number of times the left filter lane gets blocked.

16 Responses

  1. John Hartley says:

    Good move on the minor adaptation to the Kingsway junction.

    I suppose it is too much to hope that there will be implementation of the recentish successful modelling exercise which confirmed that right turn filters could be installed allowing better flow from east/west, without detriment to the north/south traffic.

  2. Chris Jackson says:

    On the issue of roads in the Gatley area whatever happened to the mirror which was briefly placed on the Horse and Farrier pub. I do recall you reporting on this – it was taken down until the pub owners agreed to it’s placement and the local authority agreed because it is in a Conservation area. This was a really sensible piece of equipment that could well prevent many accidents. Since this time the pub have done extensive work outside including a seating area with artificial grass!! How can this be acceptable to the local authority but a small accident preventing mirror is not. Can you update please? Can we have the contact details for the pub owners and the local authority representative so we can challenge either their lack of progress or decision please.

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi Chris – for a mirror to be put up on private property it needs the agreement of the owner of that property. The owner of the Horse & Farrier has not agreed. If they want a mirror to be put up, they would need to apply for planning permission, and then the council would consider it. At the moment no planning application has been submitted.

  3. Roy says:

    Fantastic News Iain once again your main concern is improving traffic flow for Gatley (no coincidence you live there) what about sorting out traffic flows from Cheadle before any more Money is spent on your side. At the moment as I’ve mentioned before at each change of traffic signal at least 10 vehicles traveling from Gatley get to turn left via the filter before traffic from Cheadle get a green light , if you want a better advantage for Gatley before improving Cheadle you ought to remember you are supposed to represent the whole area and not just where you live. Also whilst I’m having a go what’s happening to the White Eliphant of a cycle track down Manchester Road Please can you tell us what the Cost of renting traffic barriers over the motorway section is , finish what you start before wasting more Tax Payers money

    • June Westley says:

      I agree with Roy that the right turn from Cheadle should be a priority for the Kingsway junction.

      Also there is a problem with many cars speeding down Wilmslow Rd towards Cheadle village, round the bend at the end of Broadway. It is dangerous pulling out of Broadway and crossing Broadway on foot where the kerb is dropped could be lethal.
      The speed signs that were put up temporarily for about 2
      weeks helped for I about another 2 weeks.

    • Bruce says:

      Not to mention the Warren Avenue cycle route – how much money was wasted on that white elephant?

  4. Les Leckie says:

    Any consideration of yellow lines on Milton Crescent should be limited to the junction with Gatley Road and only if it can be shown that parking near the junction causes a hazard. I do not believe it does. The road is wide enough to accommodate parked cars and allow the safe passage of vehicles particularly as there is a 20 MPH speed limit.

    • Samuel says:

      I think Residents only parking should be introduced on:
      Milton Crescent, Chadvil road and warren avenue. Stockport council are wasting money on what doesn’t need to be here.
      Eg. The new cycle lane/one way/ island bit on warren avenue.
      Milton crescent is used as a racing track. Signs are put up on every other lamp post and…

      No one listens to them!

      • Samuel says:

        Samuel says:
        January 16, 2016 at 10:57 am
        I think Residents only parking should be introduced on:
        Milton Crescent, Chadvil road and warren avenue. Stockport council are wasting money on what doesn’t need to be here.
        Eg. The new cycle lane/one way/ island bit on warren avenue.
        Milton crescent is used as a racing track. Signs are put up on every other lamp post and…

        No one listens to them!

  5. Emma says:

    You cannot assess Styal Rd speeding without addressing Park Rd too. It’s essentially the same road. Speeding towards the Altrincham Rd end needs looking at too

  6. Alan Gent says:

    Les, disagree again regarding Milton. Traffic parks on both sides resulting in near misses both days. Many of these people who park are either working or visiting, the beauty salon and shops before the White Hart lights. Additionally parking on the pavement means the paving is damaged and can result in trips and falls for which the council becomes liable.
    Regarding the barriers over the motorway, I believe Iain has previously reported that this is manchester’s responsibility?


  7. Alan Gent says:

    Also, what about the increasingly vexed issue of people turning right out of Massie Street? This is ongoing and happens several times a day.
    Why can’t people just follow the damn rules????

  8. Morag says:

    I agree with the comment above regarding Milton Crescent – yellow lines are not going to help the majority of the residents. The main issue is to solve the parking issue in Cheadle and then people will not need to park on outlying roads. I want my guests to be able to park outside my house . I dont think that is too much to ask

  9. Les Leckie says:

    Alan, the bin lorries manage to negotiate between the parked cars every week. With a 20mph speed limit everyone else should too. I drive a family saloon up and down there most days never have a problem that can’t be solved with a little patience.

  10. John says:

    I would have liked to see Grasmere Road included. It is in a terrible state now after years of neglect.

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