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Sponsor Iain to jump off a tall building for Stockport young carers

by Lib Dem team on 9 February, 2016

life on mars 2
Sam Tyler did it in Life on Mars – and in March I’m going to do it to raise money for Stockport young carers – the Mayor’s charity. Unlike Sam, I’ve no desire to plunge to my death and wake up in 1973 so I’ll have ropes and safety gear to abseil down Stopford House.

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My aim is to raise £500 for our young carers in Stockport over the next month and I need your help to do it. I’ve never abseiled before, or done anything like it, and I’m not great with heights, so I would like my terror to be for a good cause!

life on mars 1

I will have a lot more safety gear than Sam Tyler


8 Responses

  1. Harry Bull says:

    Well done Iain – put me down for a tenner. Let me know when and let me know how I pay.
    If everyone who reads the news email does a tenner you’ll easily reach the target.

  2. Alan Gent says:

    Put me down as well Iain; where do we sign up?

  3. C. Weinberg says:

    Put me down as well Iain; pop round and collect.

  4. Tony Kaye says:

    Hi Iain. Better you than me. I think you’ve set your target too low. I hope the Gatley community can do better than £500!
    Put me down for £25!
    Can you collect the cheque I’d rather give it a different way than through the website. Please email me to arrange.
    Regards and good luck.
    Tony (Kaye)

  5. Paula Isherwood says:

    Put me down too Iain. Please pop round here when it is all over and you can stand up straight again.

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