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Council promises to repair Bruntwood Park potholes

by Lib Dem team on 25 May, 2016

The Council has promised to repair potholes on the road from Schools Hill into Bruntwood Park after Lib Dem councillors intervened.

“There are some large potholes along the narrow road,” said Cllr Keith Holloway. “We’ve pressed the council to get them fixed and they’ve promised it will be done shortly.”

The Lib Dem team are happy to chase up any pothole repairs – just let us know if you spot any that haven’t been done.


13 Responses

  1. David Maycock says:

    We have loads of pot holes on Grasmere Road and have had for years now despite a Lib Dem councillor living on it.
    Normally if a councillor live locally you get things done !

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi David – no, roads don’t get special attention because a councillor lives on them. The potholes on Grasmere have been fixed many times over the years, and new potholes have been created over many years. That’s why we will both continue to press for the potholes to be fixed, and for the road to be properly resurfaced as part of the Lib Dem £100 million programme to resurface every bad road and pavement across Stockport.

  2. Harry Bull says:

    Why stop at the Bruntwood pot holes – just get them all done ( don’t respond by saying the money isn’t available)

  3. Roy says:

    Iain when are the contractors going to return to Cheadle High Street and rectifie their shoddy work the pavements in Cheadle are worse than before they were replaced.can you chase for a firm date for this work to be carried out ,this should be done before we give the contractor involved another lucrative job. Also have you got an update for the Manchester Road cycle route ,will it ever be finished

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi Roy – we’re chasing on Cheadle High Street. The Manchester Road delay is still down to Highways England. We think progress is being made, but it’s painfully slow.

  4. Estelle Weiner says:

    wow, this is something! SMBC lets or possibly sells the Hall and suddenly the potholes get some attention. Abney has been let (very lucratively no doubt in terms of rental and business rates) for years. In Nov 2014 I asked SMBC to deal with the potholes (now mini trenches!) on Newland Road, which is after all a main access to a public place of recreation. I was told it wasn’t adopted. I doubt the road inside Bruntwood is adopted either. And as I said to SMBC at the time -“The upshot is that myself and others have complained about these potholes for months. How can the road be unadopted? There are yellow lines and no waiting signs. And as I said, were someone to be fined for a parking offence, who takes the funds into their coffers?
    The middle third of the road, within the park, was re-surfaced not so long ago. What a nonsense not to have done the entry section at the same time.” As has been mentioned here, Manchester Road has just been re-surfaced. Surely someone with common sense could have organised a few more yards of tarmac to rectify this appalling situation. Newland Road services not just the park, but the Scout Hut as well and is in CONSTANT USE. I was promised years ago that someone would look into this; I re-iterated the fact I was still awaiting that reply not too long ago, and haven’t even had an acknowledgement. In Dec 2014 this LibDem newsletter said ” From potholes to hypnotism – do it online with Stockport Council”. How long should one wait?

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi Estelle – I can confirm that the road in the park *is* adopted and is most definitely the council’s responsibility.

      Have you contacted the Cheadle Hulme North councillors about Newland Road – it may be something that the local councillors could help sort out.

  5. angie Becker says:

    Hi Iain

    Has anything been done about the extra parking for the park along with extra parking for the new hotel as per our conversations last year. I did ask them on your site a few weeks ago but you didn’t reply. Please can you update.
    I also think there are more urgent pot holes needing repair before the park!

  6. Janine Carter says:

    While you’re there, how about taking a look at the pot holes on the road that leads from cheadle village green to Abney Hall Park please.

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