Tackling traffic issues on Frances Street and Bulkeley Road, Cheadle

Mark Hunter MP and the local Lib Dem team have long been concerned about speeding on Frances Street - an issue raised whenever we call to see residents.

We recently asked residents along the road about erecting a “Reduce Speed Now” sign on a pole where the road narrows.

We’ve had 7 replies, all in favour of the proposal. We’ll now ask Council officers to progress the scheme.

In nearby Bulkeley Road residents complained of problems seeing clearly to pull safely out the road, so we’ve had the stop line moved forward out into Stockport Road (with the lines guiding drivers on the main road safely past) to improve visibility.

Lib Dems consult on Styal Road speeding

The Lib Dem team will soon be delivering a letter about speeding to every house along Styal Road.

We’ve printed a map on the back of the letter (which you can see below) showing Styal Road with the location of all accidents reported to the police over the last five years, plus signs and other safety additions.

The issue of speeding on Styal Road has been regularly raised with us. A couple of months ago we wrote to let residents know we were looking at options. We’ve now investigated further and need your help to identify where the most dangerous locations on the road are.

Styal Road is a “district distributor” – a type of main road. That means it isn’t suitable for speed humps or chicanes. The main options we have are rumble strips and additional signs getting people to slow down.

We would like your thoughts on where the biggest problems are and what should be done to help.

Latest Gatley 20mph consultation gets 84% support

We reported a few weeks ago that the Council was consulting on what would be the largest 20mph zone to date, covering many of the residential roads around the centre of Gatley.

The Council delivered 1300 consultation letters/drawings for the above and received 217 replies, (16.7%). Of these replies 181 (84%) were for the proposal and 35 (16%) were against.

The funding for this is coming from the Cycle City Ambition Grant (it helps cyclists, but also helps keep our roads safer for everyone else).

We’ll say what we always say about 20mph limits: just like any other speed limit, it isn’t a panacea. Whatever you do, some people will always drive like idiots and some people will speed. However, the evidence we have is that 20mph limits do slow down traffic and do make our roads safer.

Results of Lib Dem traffic consultation in Clifton/Windsor area

A few months ago, after concern about speeding from local residents, the Lib Dem team asked people on Clifton Drive, Windsor Avenue, Wilcott Road, Barngate Road and Newby Drive for their views on traffic calming in that area. We wanted to get in as many replies as possible so we delivered two copies of the letter a few weeks apart. One resident on Clifton has also gone door-to-door asking for views and we’re very grateful for that help.

A number of different suggestions had been made as to how traffic could be slowed down and rat-running reduced and we asked residents to rank them in order of preference, from first to last. As people might prefer nothing at all to be changed, we included that as an option.

The most popular proposal by a big margin was to introduce a 20mph limit in the area (Clifton, Windsor, Wilcott, Barngate and Newby).

Next most popular was the “do nothing” option, meaning most residents would prefer no changes to any of the physical measures (blocking the road at the junction of Windsor and Park, speed humps or chicanes). The three physical measures were all similar in popularity and all a long way behind either a 20mph zone or do nothing.

The Lib Dem team will now ask the council to formally consult on a 20mph zone and, if it’s supported by residents, to implement it.

Breakdown of responses – how residents ranked each option:


Road Number of responses 20mph Block road Chicanes Speed Humps Do Nothing
Clifton Drive 15 1st 2nd 5th 4th 2nd
Windsor Avenue 9 1st 4th 5th 3rd 2nd
Wilcott Road 2 2nd 4th 3rd 5th 1st
TOTAL 26 1st 4th 5th 3rd 2nd


If anyone would like to see the (anonymised) house-by-house data we’re very happy to provide it.

Men of the Memorial – the stories of the Gatley men who died in WW1

men of the memorial

Cheadle mosque expansion proposals withdrawn

We’ve been told that the planning application to expand the Cheadle Mosque in Heald Green has been withdrawn by the applicants.

A new application can always been submitted at a future date but this one is no more. Concerns had been raised by residents about the impact on parking and development in the greenbelt. The Cheadle Muslim Association had worked hard to meet residents, listen to and address concerns but decided to withdraw the application at this stage.

Tenants views needed on the future of Stockport Homes

The Council’s Executive agreed on Tuesday the 15th of July that one option they would not be considering is selling the properties out of Council ownership. However, this still leave two possibilities on the table. One, to renew the contract with Stockport Homes for another period and, two, not to renew the contract and for the Council to go back to managing the properties directly.

The Council also agreed a process by which they will assess the best option. An important part of this is what tenants and leaseholders think.

An independent advisor has been appointed to ensure that the way the Council consults tenants and leaseholders is fair and impartial. A survey to find out what people think is available on-line at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/StockportITA or it can be completed over the telephone by calling 0300 124 0114. There will also be a series of consultation events for tenants and leaseholders to speak directly to the advisor.

Over the summer tenants and leaseholders can come along to meetings across Stockport to get independent advice and information

Thursday 17th July Arthur Greenwood Centre, Hipley Close, Woodley 2pm – 6pm

Thursday 24th July First House, Brinnington 2pm – 6pm

Tuesday 29th July Options presentation meeting at Oak Tree Court Communal Lounge,
Cheadle SK8 1EZ at 3.30 pm (presenantion and repeated at 6 pm

Thursday 31st July Lancashire Hill Piazza 2pm – 6pm

Thursday 7th August Offerton Community Centre, Mallowdale Road, Offerton 2pm – 6pm

Thursday 14th August Adswood Community Centre, Garners Lane, Adswood 2pm – 6pm

Thursday 21st August Bridgehall Community Centre, Siddington Avenue, Bridgehall 2pm – 6pm

Thursday 28th August Brinnington Community Centre & Young Peoples Centre, Herefordroad, Brinnington 2pm – 6pm

Wednesday 3rd September 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm, St Martin’s Church, 112 Crescent Road, SK4 2JE

Thursday 4th September 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm, Romily Forum, Compstall Road, Romily, SK6 4EA

Saturday 6th September Heaton Norris Pavilion, Love Lane, Heaton Norris (Fun Day) -12pm – 4pm

Tuesday 9th September 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm, York Street Community Centre, Mosely Street, Edgeley, SK3 9HR

Tuesday 16th September, 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm, Marple Senior Citizens Centre, Memorial Park, Marple SK6 6BA

Wednesday 17th September, 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm, Heaton Chapel Community Centre, Broadstone Road, Heaton Chapel, SK4 5JD

Monday 22nd September, 6.30 pm – 7.30pm, North Reddish Community Centre, Longford Road West, Reddish, SK5 6ET

Cheadlevillage.net – a new community website for Cheadle

We’re very happy to pass on news of cheadlevillage.net – the new community website for Cheadle with local news, events, history, groups, businesses and more – take a look!

cheadle village net

Evening working for Cheadle village road resurfacing

Over the next three weeks some road resurfacing will be taking place in the centre of Cheadle village: along Wilmslow Road from Brooklyn Road up to the junction with Gatley Road, then along Gatley Road to Warren Avenue.

To minimise disruption the work will be done between 7pm and 2am Monday to Thursday with noisy work completed as far as possible by 11pm each night.

FREE Summer Basketball training in parks across Stockport

Stockport Basketball