Concern about fallen tree causing flooding

photo 4We’re chasing the Council to remove a tree that’s fallen across Gatley Brook by the footbridge from Gatley Hill to Scholes Field (near the running track).

We’re concerned that, if left, it could easily form a dam as debris washes downstream and then flood the area. It’s not too big, so hopefully can be sorted out fairly quickly.

Getting graffiti cleared from underpasses

The Lib Dem team have been cracking down on graffiti – and people often mention to us how there’s a lot less around in Cheadle and Gatley than a few years ago. Reporting it and getting it cleaned off does work.

This week we’ve asked for two tricky areas to be painted over: the underpasses at Cheadle Royal and Barnes Hospital. They’re out of the way with few people passing by, so an easy option for anyone wanting to deface the walls, and it may not be practical to keep them cleaned in the way we do most more visible areas, but it does still need to be done as best we can.

photo 2

Be careful of thieves when using Barclays cash machine in Gatley

photo (99)We’ve had several reports of thieves tampering with the Barclays cash machine in Gatley to steal cards and money.

Typically the thieves will attach a device to the machine that looks like part of the normal apparatus. When you put your card in and enter your PIN, it records the buttons you push (or possibly there’s a hidden camera or someone looking over your shoulder to see). When the machine returns your card, the device grabs it so it appears that your card has been retained. After you leave, the thieves (who are normally nearby) get their device and your card, then spend your money.

Should you get caught out, it’s important to inform your bank as soon as possible – there could be an argument over who’s liable for any money stolen up until you report the card.

As you can see from the photo of the Barclays cash machine above, the card reader is in a recess which makes it easier for criminals ot put their device over the top. You can also see the scratches where a device has been attached and then removed.

Cheadle Makers Market back on 3rd May

Cheadle Makers Market returns – on Saturday 3rd May, a great way to start the bank holiday weekend.

This market will be on the White Hart car park next to St Mary’s Church. The aim is to bring the Makers Market back to Cheadle Green in June.

THANK YOU – Cheadle High Street sewer repairs finished

Thank you to everyone for your patience in putting up with the one-way closure of Cheadle High Street over last two weeks which saw diversions in place, including bus delays. We’re very pleased to see that United Utilities have repaired the sewer ahead of schedule, the High Street is back to normal and the bollards at the end of Ashfield Crescent have been replaced.

Good progress was also made on the new pavement outside St Mary’s Church: it’s pretty much done on the Church side and well underway on the Massie Street side. We were keen that this work be done at the same time as the sewer repairs to minimise the disruption by getting it over and done with in one go.

Graffiti reported on Foxland Road railway bridge

We’ve had quite a few people comment that there’s less graffiti in Cheadle & Gatley recently. Not none, but less and it’s a lot better than many other areas (over the border in Sharston, for example!).

We’ve followed a deliberate zero-tolerance policy for graffiti – if we see it, we report it. Where the graffiti’s on private property there can be complications, but generally it gets cleaned off or painted over pretty quickly.

photoToday I used the “My Council” app on my smartphone to report two pieces of graffiti by the railway bridge at the end of Foxland Road. There’s graffiti on both sides of the bridge, and also on a fence just the other side of the bridge. We’ll be checking to make sure both are painted over or cleaned off.

The railway bridge will be the responsibility of Network Rail, and the fence may be privately owned and so need the owners to sign an indemnity but hopefully both will be sorted.

If you spot any graffiti, please either let us know or report it directly to the Council via the website (always the best way to contact the Council) or using a smartphone app like “My Council”.

Cycle safely to Parrs Wood

Although not 100% complete, we do now have a good off-road/residential road cycle route from Cheadle and Gatley to Parrs Wood.

This route goes up Kingsway – the one along Manchester Road will be coming in the next year. Quite a few routes are currently half-finished (none of the new ones are signed yet, for example) and it will take time to build them up. For example, the work on Warren Avenue is completed, but the lights over Gatley Road aren’t yet functioning and the route isn’t signed so we’re still waiting for that one to be done.

However, even in its current partially-finished state, there are some great improvements for anyone who wants to cycle but doesn’t fancy battling through the traffic.

photo (98)Gatley to Parrs Wood

From Gatley station push your bike along the alleyway to South Park Road. From there, you ride along South Park Road, under Kingsway and cross over at the raised section onto the pavement/cycle path. Follow that round, then cycle along the pavement/cycle path into Manchester (the entrance and exit to the subway has been widened to improve access).

The Manchester section isn’t done yet, but you can still go along the residential road, turn into Fairmile Drive – Morningside Drive – Denholm Road – Moor Park Road and then cross at the pedestrian crossing on Manchester Road into the Parrs Wood leisure complex.

Cheadle to Parrs Wood

Next year we’ll have the traffic-free route along Manchester Road, but until then:

The route from Kingsway to Parrs Wood is as above, you just need to get to Kingsway.

Two options:

1. From the village centre cycle along Mary Street, Lime Grove and onto Brook Road (past the village hall). Go under the railway and cycle along the newly widened and improved path to Mill Lane. Turn left onto Mill Lane and follow the path alongside the brook and the around the Barnes Hospital site. There are some steps at the end – we’re hoping to get a ramp for cycles on that. At the top of the steps just turn right onto Kingsway and follow the route above.

2. From the west side of the village go along Wensley Road and straight ahead onto Marchbank Drive. On the far side of Marchbank Drive there’s a passageway onto Kingsway. Go along that, cross over the slip road at the Toucan crossing and then follow the route above.

parrs wood route












Iain launches re-election campaign in Cheadle & Gatley
Mark Hunter MP with councillors Pam King, Keith Holloway and Iain Roberts.

Mark Hunter MP with councillors Pam King, Keith Holloway and Iain Roberts.

With local and European elections on 22nd May, Iain launched his re-election campaign this week.

We’ve not heard anything from the other parties locally for nearly two years.

On May 22nd the choice for voters will be between Iain, who’s worked hard to fight for Cheadle & Gatley, and other parties who will find a name to go on the ballot paper but have done nothing for our local area over the last two years.

The Lib Dem team have achieved a lot in recent years: real improvements for Cheadle and Gatley despite all the spending cuts. We’ve seen new pavements in Gatley village, Gatley Green improved, Cheadle pavements and a host of smaller improvements right across the area.

The big issues we’re working on now are:

  • Get our road and pavements repaired with the £100 million once-in-a-generation investment Iain has personally pushed through at Stockport Council.
  • Continue working on improvements to the Kingsway junction – it’s a really tough problem, but we’ve no intention of giving up and we can make further improvements.
  • Get the Tatton sorted out, whether by a CPO or the current owners coming forward with a development.
  • Boosting our local shops and village centres.
  • A crack-down on inconsiderate dog owners who allow their pets to foul and don’t pick it up.
  • Traffic improvements in the villages, getting the A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road built, more 20mph zones where residents want them and better facilities for pedestrians and cyclists to cut the number of cars on the road.

If you want a hard-working local councillor with a proven record of getting results for local people, Iain Roberts is the only choice for Cheadle and Gatley on May 22nd.

As ever, the election will be a close fight between Iain and the Conservatives – no-one else has ever won here.


Amber Taverns submit George & Dragon planning application

The future of Cheadle’s George and Dragon is still uncertain, but there’s room for a good deal more optimism than we’ve had recently with the submission of two planning applications by Amber Taverns Ltd.

The plans for the George and Dragon look to keep it as a pub with a full internal refurbishment, new beer garden and covered area to the rear, employing 6 full time and 8 part time people.

There are two planning applications covering the changes (I think that’s for technical planning reasons): 55177 and 55179.

You can comment on the applications in the normal way. At the moment, the best place to look at the detail of what’s being proposed (as it includes a plan) is here.

Whilst we can’t comment on the details of the specific planning applications at this stage, we welcome progress at this important site in Cheadle. The sale price for the George and Dragon has been low for some time, but it seemed that the additional work required to bring the building up to a suitable standard put off potential buyers so we’re very glad that looks to have been resolved.

However, we all remember that Dorbiere last bought the pub with similar grand plans that came to nothing, so caution is probably wise!

Blackpool-based Amber Taverns own 70 pubs across the North of England and Wales.


The Great Abney Easter Egg Hunt, 19th April