Funding news for local groups

The latest Stockport Council funding news looking at grants and funds available from a wide variety of places for local groups: what’s been awarded recently, and what’s available to apply for now.

Telecoms tower work mean Kingsway lane closure

From the Council:

Contractors working on behalf of Vodafone will be undertaking works on a telecoms mast on Kingsway, Cheadle, close to the junction with Broadway outside the Kingsway School. These works require the use of a single lane closure on 5th August 2014 between the hours of 9.30am and 3.00pm only.

Tatton site update

tatton smallLocal readers of our website may remember our twin-track approach to getting the former Tatton Cinema site in Gatley sorted out.

The site’s privately owned and has stood empty for more than a decade, after the cinema closed down.

Dickens, who own the site, have told us for well over a year that they’re trying to come up with a development proposal. However, they’ve missed both our and their deadlines on a number of occasions. If they do bring something forward, that’s fine – we’d want to look at it and progress it normally.

If, though, we continue to see nothing happening, we will continue with the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) currently in progress.

The Council has written a development brief for the site, which I signed off a couple of months ago. Right now we’re getting a valuation for the site and looking at what could realistically be done there.

We’re also starting to look at how the CPO might work (there are a number of options with different levels of cost and risk so getting that one right is important).

We’ll report back as soon as we have more information to pass on.

Happy Eid al-Fitr

We would like to wish all our Muslim residents a very happy Eid al-Fitr – Eid Mubarak!

Cheadle Area Committee agenda, 5th August 2014

Cheadle Area Committee will be at the Ladybridge Residents Club, Edenbridge Road, Cheadle Hulme from 6pm on Tuesday 5th August 2014.

This month’s meeting includes a report from the local police and Community Safety Unit, Stockport Homes Neighbourhood Action Plans and a proposal for junction protection at the junction of Cranston Grove and Park Road, Gatley.

Gatley’s Men of the Memorial ‘Live’ Again

From Gatley Village Partnership:

There are 17 names on the Gatley War Memorial – Gatley men who gave their lives in the first World War, ​100 years ago.​

Gatley Village Partnership (GVP) wants these men to be remembered and for everyone to know about them.

​With the help of with local historian John Hartley we have placed 17 posters – one for every man who died – on Gatley Green. Each tells the story of one of the men. John will be telling more about them in his talk at St. James’ Church Hall on Sunday 3rd August, 3pm.

GVP will be putting 17 candles around the clock tower, the original war memorial, so that everyone walking or driving through Gatley will be reminded of the sacrifice made by ‘our men’.

Hydes Brewery will dedicate a room in the Prince of Wales pub to Lance Corporal William Taylor who lived with his parents before he went to war. The pub will also be joining in with the Lights Out campaign between 10 and 11pm on August 4th.

Everyone is invited to reflect on the sacrifice of the ‘Gatley 17’ on August 4th, whenthe church will be open, and to join in the Commemoration Service at 8pm in the church and later at the war memorial for 8:45pm

We will never forget.

Causes of death in Stockport

Interesting charts showing the causes of all death in Stockport, then narrowing it down to under-75s (generally considered as “early deaths” and further to preventable deaths.

Cheadle Royal road improvements

Improvements are being made over the summer to the area around Cheadle Royal: to the roundabout itself, Wilmslow Road and the A34 up to Broadway.

They come from the expansion of Sainsbury’s at Cheadle Royal back in 2011. The first chunk of money went on the Schools Hill improvements – slowing down traffic as it came off the roundabout and approaching the pedestrian crossing. The funding for all these works comes from Sainsbury’s as part of their “Section 106″ agreement linked to their store expansion.

This is the rest of that. The rules on what it can be spent on are fairly strict – the Council can’t just use the money for anything.

The improvements are aimed to help drivers, cyclists and pedestrians – details below. Regular readers may spot that the cycle improvements are designed to link into the wider cycle schemes, providing end-to-end routes around Stockport and into Manchester that avoid busy roads.

Tackling traffic issues on Frances Street and Bulkeley Road, Cheadle

Mark Hunter MP and the local Lib Dem team have long been concerned about speeding on Frances Street - an issue raised whenever we call to see residents.

We recently asked residents along the road about erecting a “Reduce Speed Now” sign on a pole where the road narrows.

We’ve had 9 replies (nearly a quarter of households), all in favour of the proposal. We’ll now ask Council officers to progress the scheme.

In nearby Bulkeley Road residents complained of problems seeing clearly to pull safely out the road, so we’ve had the stop line moved forward out into Stockport Road (with the lines guiding drivers on the main road safely past) to improve visibility.

Lib Dems consult on Styal Road speeding

The Lib Dem team will soon be delivering a letter about speeding to every house along Styal Road.

We’ve printed a map on the back of the letter (which you can see below) showing Styal Road with the location of all accidents reported to the police over the last five years, plus signs and other safety additions.

The issue of speeding on Styal Road has been regularly raised with us. A couple of months ago we wrote to let residents know we were looking at options. We’ve now investigated further and need your help to identify where the most dangerous locations on the road are.

Styal Road is a “district distributor” – a type of main road. That means it isn’t suitable for speed humps or chicanes. The main options we have are rumble strips and additional signs getting people to slow down.

We would like your thoughts on where the biggest problems are and what should be done to help.