Rear of Tatton site cleared by owners

If you’ve walked along the path beside the Tatton site recently you might have noticed that the owners have cleared the back – cutting down all the trees and bushes that were growing there. Dickens, who own the Tatton site, are in discussion with the Council about a proposed new planning application they hope to bring forward in the next couple of months. In the meantime, the Lib Dems are continuing with the Compulsory Purchase Order.


“This private site has been an eyesore in the centre of Gatley for far too long.” said Graham Greenhalgh. “One way or another, we want to get it sorted.”

Graham Greenhalgh supports Gatley litter pick

Lib Dem local election candidate Graham Greenhalgh was out to support the Gatley Village Partnership litter pick last Sunday. The litter pickers braved the rain to clear Old Hall Road and the path alongside the Tatton site before working up Church Road and round the car park by the Co-op.

litter pick

“I’d like to thank Gatley Village Partnership for organising this litter pick.” Graham said. “It makes a real difference to the appearance of the village. Hopefully the next one will be a little drier.”

We are Stockport – you can be too

The We are Stockport campaign launched last week, aiming to showcase what makes us proud about our borough: the people, attractions, landmarks, shops, restaurants, businesses, sports, green spaces and more.  It’s a campaign for the whole borough, not just the town.

As the campaign leader Rachel Wallace says:
We need you. We need content to set this campaign on fire.

We need your stories, news of your events, news that we should be sharing because it highlights how great your business, activity or organisation is. News that will interest the wider community because it’s unusual, ground-breaking, successful….news that helps promote Stockport as a great place to live and work.

We need photos that define the town centre and district areas of Stockport. Images that celebrate your area.

We need to spread the word of We are Stockport when we go live from the beginning of May. We need a We are Stockport presence at your events, whether that’s village fetes, festivals, carnivals or open days.

We need you to tell us who and where we should be signposting, to make sure We are Stockport provides comprehensive, inclusive and interesting information.

Follow us on twitter @wearestockport to stay updated as we head towards live launch in May.

Thank you for your support.

Ten more short-stay parking spaces for Cheadle – and more to come

Graham Greenhalgh and the Lib Dem team have worked with the council to free up ten new parking spaces for short-stay parking in Cheadle village, with more to come.

The Lib Dems have been working on ways to free up parking spaces for short-stay visits in Cheadle village. Cheadle has over 400 spaces in its car parks, but with the village centre becoming busier they’re getting taken up and people sometimes struggle to find somewhere to park.

It hasn’t been an easy problem to solve. The initial thought was that more people were parking all day, perhaps to go elsewhere, but the evidence suggests that’s not true. Over 90% of the tickets bought in the car parks are for people staying three hours or less. It seems most likely that the parking problems are down to the village becoming more popular with people who want to shop, eat and drink there.

Our quick solution has been to cut down the number of commercial parking permits. There are 79 right now. Three permits aren’t being renewed by their current owners and, rather than letting someone else take them up, we’re simply getting the council to cancel them. We’ve found space in one of the contract-only car parks for another seven permits.

That means ten spaces freed up for short-stay parking: a good start, but we think we can do more. We’re meeting with the biggest permit-holder in the next week to explore how we can free up more spaces over the next few months and we’ve got some other ideas we’re working on to create new spaces in the village.


Lib Dems tackle Styal Road speeding

The Lib Dems were out with council officers on Wednesday morning, working to tackle speeding along Styal Road in Gatley.

The speed limit along Styal Road is 30mph but residents have long complained of speeding. The road’s narrow and vehicles regularly end up going through walls and hedges.

We looked at having a flashing speed sign in each direction, plus some additional 30mph signs. Council officers are now going to work up a detailed plan and we’ll report back soon.

Reoffending falls again in Stockport

We were very pleased to see the inspection report of Stockport’s Youth Offending service praise our success in reducing reoffending rates – something that’s contributed to the fall in crime and anti-social behaviour in the borough. The Lib Dems have always championed evidence-led work to tackle crime and, though one crime is one too many, it’s positive to see things moving in the right direction, and Stockport outperforming the England and Wales average by some margin.

The published reoffending rate for Stockport was 30.8%. This was substantially better than both the previous year (34.6%) and the England and Wales average (36.1%). Improvement had taken place in many aspects of work since our previous inspection in 2009. Staff were knowledgeable, keen to improve, committed to their work with children and young people who had offended, and understood them well.

The report identifies many strengths, and also raises some areas we can improve on further, which we’ll be following up. You can see the full report here.



Who makes you proud in Stockport?


Stockport’s extraordinary people are to be recognised in the Borough’s popular citizen awards.

The Proud of Stockport awards will see individuals, groups or teams that go out of their way to make the Borough a better place, recognised at a ceremony at Stockport Town Hall.

The Council and its partners are asking people for their suggestions as to who should be honoured with a Proud of Stockport award.

Do you know someone who helps to make Stockport special? Is there an individual, a group, a volunteer, or perhaps a local personality, or someone else who deserves recognition for good and community spirit?

The award categories are:

-  Ambassador for Stockport – Rewarding someone who has helped to give Stockport a good name and improve its reputation.

-  Champion for Young People – Rewarding a person or group of people who influence the day to day lives of children and young people in a positive way.

-  Community-spirited Organisation – Rewarding the Stockport organisation that puts a lot back into the community, for example through fundraising, caring services or staff initiatives.

-  Sports Champion – Rewarding those involved in sport in Stockport.

-  Volunteering Champion – Rewarding individuals or groups of people who make a real difference to Stockport, such as resident associations and community groups.

-  Young Citizen of the Year – Rewarding young people aged 18 and under who help their community in lots of different ways.

To enter go to (free internet access at all Stockport libraries) and send in nominations online.

Or fill in a nomination form – these will be available at the Town Hall reception or your local library soon – and post it to FREEPOST: RTJZ-JGXY-BXSB Proud of Stockport Awards, 1st Floor Stopford House, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, Town Hall, SK1 3XE.

The final date for nominations is Monday 1st June 2015. Winners will be celebrated at an awards event in September.

Councillor Sue Derbyshire, Leader of Stockport Council, said: “We’re on the lookout for the people that make our borough a fantastic place to live and work. The Proud of Stockport awards are an opportunity to give our unsung heroes the recognition they deserve. So if you know someone or an organisation that goes the extra mile, then please send in a nomination.”

Advice for the mobile generation plain SAILing in Stockport

Stockport Advice and Information for Life – SAIL – has just launched. It aims to be a one-stop shop, pointing people in the right direction for information.

SAIL - Stockport Advice & Information for Life

SAIL – Stockport Advice & Information for Life

SAIL deals with the sorts of issues people seek help about every day, around benefits, debt, immigration, housing and more. It is particularly aimed at younger people who might not come into a CAB office but have a smartphone with internet access.

The site is funded from a Lottery grant and created by nine organisations, including Stockport Council, working together.

Stockport in the vanguard for NHS Patient care

Stockport has been chosen as one of just 29 locations across the country to develop new models of care as part of NHS England’s new care models programme. The aim is to find new and better ways to care for patients.

The Stockport together vanguard is an active partnership including: Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, NHS Stockport Foundation Trust, NHS Pennine Care Foundation Trust and NHS Stockport CCG.

The vision for the new model of care builds on the GP registered list and will be integrated around the GP practice at neighbourhood level (20-30,000 population), at locality level (80,000 population) and at borough level (300,000 population). Hospital urgent care will be redesigned, with a single point of access that is integrated with community teams. People with complex conditions or at the end of life will have an integrated team working with them to support them and help them make the best decisions about their plan of care.

This would mean, for example, that a patient with a serious long term condition will have an integrated team working with them to help them realise the best possible quality of life, and supporting them to make the best decisions about their end of life care.

Tatton bus stop improvements start next week

The Council is carrying out bus stop upgrading works to the stop outside the Tatton cinema site in Gatley – another Lib Dem improvement to our local area.

The Upgrading works will include the kerbline raising, resurfacing and re-profiling of the existing footway around bus stop, the raising of the existing bus shelter, relocation of the existing flower box and the cycle parking stands.

The construction works are programmed to start on 25th March 2015 and will last approximately for two weeks.

In order to maintain the access to all local residents/shoppers and keep the disruption to a minimum, the contractor will fence off the site compound at the front of bus layby and the bus top will temporarily be relocated. A temporary STOP/GO board is to be used for traffic management as and when is required.

Residents are asked not to park around the service road in front of the Tatton site during the works.