Stockport’s recycling head-and-shoulders above the rest

The latest figures show that the average English household recycles 43% of refuse.

In Stockport it’s about 63% – almost a third higher, and still on the up. That’s good for the environment and good for our pockets, since we make good money from recycling.

Now we want to get to grips with the small-but-significant problem of bin theft. The Council isn’t (as was suggested in the local paper) going to recruit an army of people to check everyone’s bins – that would be crazy. We’re getting the bin men who are going round anyway to check whether someone with two or more bins of the same colour should really have them or not – the information’s all there and it’s easy for them to do it. If someone’s got a bin they shouldn’t have, the Council can then sort it out.

Hopefully this will mean fewer people inconvenienced by having their bins stolen, not to mention fewer people costing us all moneyby throwing away things they could easily be recycling.

One thought on “Stockport’s recycling head-and-shoulders above the rest

  1. Les Leckie says:

    Well done!

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