New streetlights on Gatley Road

The Council’s currently upgrading around one in twelve streetlights across Stockport – mostly on the main roads.  The new lamps are just as bright, use less electricity, come on faster and will report back to the Council when they’re about to fail so the bulb can be replaced.

In most cases, this just involves replacing the head of the streetlamp, but in some cases whole new streetlight columns are being installed.  You’ll see some on Gatley Road, Gatley near Springfield Road.  As it goes round, the Council’s checking the condition of the old lighting columns.  In most cases they’re fine, but where it looks like they might fail in the next few  years, the column is being replaced now, rather than someone coming back in a year or two to do the job again.

For a while there are the old and new columns side by side.  When the new columns are connected up to the grid and working, the old ones will be removed.

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Trevor Gaunt
Saturday 2 February 2013 - 11:14 pm

I hope the new columns are the “collapse on impact” type designed to help save the lives of the occupants of any vehicle that collides with them and automatically disconnect the electricity supply too. Street lighting columns, illuminated sign poles and traffic signal poles of this type are also easier to maintain and will often survive impacts intact.

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