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Evening parking in Cheadle

by Lib Dem team on 23 September, 2014

It’s great that more restaurants are opening up in Cheadle, but we’re getting more complaints about illegal parking along the roads in the evenings – parking on double yellow lines and on pavements. It’s especially frustrating because parking is free after 6pm in all Council car parks across Stockport. We’ve asked for more evening patrols […]

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Residents parking rules for Stockport

by Lib Dem team on 2 September, 2014

Residents Parking issues come up on a regular basis, with residents applying on different road: some qualify and others don’t. Here’s the Council’s guide to permit permit schemes.

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Parking worries over new Cheadle Royal rules

by Lib Dem team on 21 August, 2014

The owners of the Cheadle Royal Business Park are to start enforcing the ‘no parking’ rule on the roads in the park with a private enforcement company and fines for transgressors. The Lib Dems are worried that this will lead to more parking problems around St Anne’s Road North. With our colleagues in Heald Green, […]

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Cheadle short-stay car park charges slashed by a third

by Lib Dem team on 19 October, 2013

From last Monday, the cost of parking in Cheadle’s car parks for an hour fell from 30p to 20p, in response to requests from residents and traders to make short-stay parking cheaper. The one-hour limited parking bays – for example on Charlotte Street and Oak Road – remain free. In the centre of Stockport the […]

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Iain met Muse, the owners of the Cheadle Royal Business Park, earlier this week to talk about the problem of parking on St Ann’s Road North. We’ve been frustrated at the growing number of Business Park cars parking along the road (possibly connected to the newer office buildings now open, which are much nearer to […]

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Cheaper car parking coming on 14th October

by Lib Dem team on 28 September, 2013

From 14th October, short-stay car parking gets cheaper across Stockport. In Cheadle, parking for one hour will cost just 20p (currently 30p) and in Stockport Town Centre it will go down to 80p (currently £1.50). This is something I’ve been working on in response to what residents and traders have told us they want. As […]

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Lib Dems working on St Ann’s Road North parking problem

by Lib Dem team on 20 September, 2013

The Lib Dem team have been very concerned about the problems with parking on St Ann’s Road North over the last year or two, where cars from the business park have started being parked along the road. It’s dangerous and frustrating for residents, and we’ve been working with our fellow councillors in Heald Green (where […]

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All Stockport car parks now online

by Lib Dem team on 28 June, 2013

Anyone visiting Stockport Borough, including all the towns and villages, can now see all our council car parks on our online mapping system. The map allows you to easily see the car parks for any part of the borough, including Cheadle and Gatley of course, and click to find more information about them, like how […]

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Parking changing to boost Cheadle village traders

by Lib Dem team on 22 March, 2013

In my role at the Council in charge of Transportation policy, I’m proposing a number of changes to parking which will have an effect on Cheadle. Cutting the cost of short-term parking Right across Stockport, we are proposing moving car parking to an hourly rate. In the centre of Stockport the rate will be 80p […]

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Stockport gets a new car park

by Lib Dem team on 29 November, 2012

Stockport gets – temporarily – a new car park from next Monday. The car park has been built on the site of the old Tenpin Bowling at Grand Central. From Monday until February 2013 the new car park will run alongside the existing one, giving additional parking space – particularly for station users. Next February […]

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